Pigmies we all are

What is this life, are we really the invincibles, whenever we achieve some kind of feat, some victory, we feel we are the conquerers of elements and that everything is within our reach. Just few days ago, i happened to watch a documentary on a popular doomsday theories. The theory of end of this world as they say. The documentary names 21st December 2012 gave scientific, philosophical, civilizational, astronomical and other kind of evidences to prove that from 2012 the world would start to end.

Not that i felt much dampened by this documentary, for i believed going with the flow was the easiest way out. If at all the world was to end, i could never stop it, why worry about something that was destined to happen.

What left me wondering was the futility of our lives, aint we like the those nondescript creatures who live one moment and are gone the other. The magnamity of this universe is such that just a degree of change in the path of any of the stars, planets or sun can destroy anything and everything. Are we really really that much equipped ? The answer is a big no. Are our celestial eyes, those big satellites and telescopes equipped to see what is happening in the outer world. The answer is just another no. Aint we then nameless identities. Many a times i simply get lost in these questions and find a bit more pigmitized…


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