When idols crumble..

Many a times, knowingly or unknowingly, willfully or otherwise you end up a person, a thought idolizing. The idol that we create is perfect and indelible, the trust we restore in them, the faith we depose in them is impeccable. But what happens when the idols we worship crumble ??

We must have read in newspapers or seen on television the so called spiritual baba’s being exposed in sting operations, some accepting money, some with women and some with other engaging themselves in some other mortal vices. Did we ever think of what might happen to the supporters, the people who idolize these morbid ? What might they think? the ignorant would still end up supporting their idols, but a someone with a little bit with gray cells in his brains and someone with heart might end up really repenting his act of idolizing the fallable.

Something similar happened to me recently, the name of the person aint import for the person show me that he too was gullible one, but i end up questioning myself and realized that when your idols crumble, the pain is very deep, it might not be visible but the hurt remain there throughout…


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