Our Security Apparatus – Is it working?

For one of my official task, i had to go to New Administrative Building, which is bang opposite Mantralaya, For newbies,  New Administrative Building is the place from where the Administration of whole state of Maharashtra is looked after. All the important State Department and some Ministers are homed here.

My visit today comes just two days after Pune blasts and I was expecting ‘heightened’ security at New Administrative Building & Mantralay area. But to my amazement. The security laxity was to be seen everywhere. Just when i entered the building premises, a lady cop, was seated in front of the gate, she looked as if she had had heavy lunch and the poor soul did not even cared to look at the visitor,  just inquired name and location from where the visitor came, reluctantly entered it. And bingo, the visitor had access to the whole building, uninterrupted. What’s more serious is the fact that the whole of Mantralaya is in the range from this building, this building being a skyscraper. The building opposite it looks like a sitting duck.

What kind of security apparatus are we trusting was the first kind of question that came to my mind.  Why are we always left guessing and assuming? why is it assumed that nobody will create any trouble, even after 26/11 & recent pune blasts? If the nerve centre of Maharashtra’s Administration is so loosely guarded, god only can take care of other non significant ‘soft targets’ . So all my friends, recite your morning prayers, for only God will come to your rescue.


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One thought on “Our Security Apparatus – Is it working?”

  1. Dear friend, I went through your statement, I will not elaborate the topic much, but would like to tell in few words only. The only reason behind this is our corrupt politician and they don’t have the value of poor people who always die in bomb blast always. Let this kind of thing happen to some minister and then see the effect and action taken by the police department and ministers.

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