Elephant & Four Blinds

There come people who are judgemental in nature, who easily in even one stroke of  encounter end up judging people with the fluency and confidence as if their angle of  looking at things and their perspective is the only correct one. I have met many such hilarious characteristics down the line in my Office & Social Life. Of late i have started meeting  such cranky single dimensional creatures a bit frequently. This is only added spice in my life 🙂

I always believe that when you keep your eyes open and observe the world around you with wide eyes,  you keep on learning many a things,  life in a city, and that too in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, where you end up meeting many many colorful characters becomes a novel and learning experience if you try to find joyous moments in each and every encounters.  A person with sound ‘gray cells’ in your head (as one of my past friend said) will enjoy life in a city like nobody else. Yes there is chaos, there are  insecurities, but there are some facets of life that you constantly explore. You grow up as you keep on learning.

I feel it plain stupidity to judge a person by one casual encounter,  i rarely do so, but yes, there are people, over smart we may call them, who rush to conclusion by just one brush of encounter.  In such cases am always reminded of the tale of  four blind persons and an elephant, each of the wise person end up concluding what he touched. Likewise, when you judge a person, you just judge that person’s one smaller shade. I can relate so many people whom we thought as good genuine persons getting exposed in due course of time.  Rushing to conclusion in a haste always ends up in messy conclusions. Afterall a person takes years and years to develop and his personna can never be  unidimensional,  it has to be multi dimensional.

Many people in gush of reactiveness end up calling me arrogant, stubborn, egoistic and what not, but then that is what their personal thinking is, i am not duty bound to accept, coz, there is a vast majority of people whose thoughts contradict the views of this minuscule minority.  Personally, i am not bothered or overawed by these comments good or bad, overt or covert,  for only i know what i am and that suffices in the end.

Down my memory lane, i read a punch line in an advertisement, those few lines have made an undelible spot in my being, the words goes like.. “There comes a time in your life when you dont care what others say… coz, deep down you are sure of what you are…”

So all the blind persons out there keep on passing out Judgements.


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