Masks.. of different colors, hues and shades, people do wear. Masks of truthfulness, purity, genuineness, honesty and what not.. only to be uncovered that the person behind it was not matching with the mask that he / she wore.  The first question that arises is why do people wear masks. The probable reason may be that they lack the courage of  conviction to justify their acts. Hence, to achieve the best of both the worlds one wears the masks. Hidden behind it safely rests the other side is a face exactly opposite.

Down the line with my encounters with many such people wearing fanciful masks, i met one such character. How easily did i fell pray


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One thought on “Masks…”

  1. “why do people wear masks”. One reason, Vijay: fear. This fear comes from a fear of lack of being accepted by your society. Place a white rat in with a bunch of brown ones; a white hen in with red – the others will kill them due to this difference. Humans are the same. We used to kill anyone who is different; we still do in some places. So we wear the mask for social acceptance, based upon our survival skills and drive. Otherwise we might be persecuted, loss of job, loss of … everything. You see? It is simple. And yes: the true person hides behind their mask, and many people have many masks for the many environments and people they come into contact with: one for the boss; one for at home, one for in market; one for themselves sometimes when they are looking at themselves in the mirror.

    We know all about masks. We have worn them. We are MPD (multiple souls inside of us). Here is a link to our ‘page’ on masks: . It is just some artwork. You may find it interesting, maybe not. Hope you enjoy; ‘like’ it if you do. If not oh well. No big thing. See Deepak Chopra in your tags. He is part right part wrong. You can talk to god in your own way; we know; we talk to him all the time. Others say we may be insane, but we don’t care. That is part of removing the mask. You see?
    and thank you for your posting. It is always good to be seeing and addressing these issues.

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