Rewind Circa 1991…

1991 seems to be so far from 2010. That was the year i completed my school education, i was in 10th standard that year. And ours was the very first batch of SSC Students in our School.

Pampered and Spoilt batch were we, due to excessive care and attention that we got from our Teachers and Principal.  Most of the students were above average in studies, what was common in us was our impish nature. The school management were so fed up with us that they shifted our classroom on the top most floor, which was still under construction!!!

After the results, and it was a good result for the school around 88% students passed out. We all scattered, slowly and steadily we lost contacts with each others. Few students were in touch with each others.

Yesterday, all of a sudden the entire golden era came alive, the venue was unexpected, crowded platform of Dombivli station in the evening. As i got down from the cramped train at around 6.40 pm, one boy (he is a man now), stared at me inquisitively, he perhaps tried to compare my looks with his friend in the year 1991. And Bingo, he recognized me and came near to me and we nearly embraced each others. He yelled Vijay… The passion in the voices of both of us told the entire story…  I recognized him as well, he was Deepak from Diva. As we chatted and chatted we got to know fates of many of our friends from school, some became Doctors, some were into Businesses, Deepak went into Banking sector.

Not to waste any time, we exchanged our numbers and promised to keep in touch with each others..

That unscheduled meeting brought to memories so many sweet stories of my childhood days and brought a very natural wide smile & glow on  my otherwise serious face. For sometime, atleast, I felt relieved off my pressures and tensions.

How fast we live our lives, how easily we forget people that we have met on our route forward ? These people once were part of your being and now because we’r into a different scenario, different stage of life, we forget the older lot. My house is a stone’s  throw away from my school, but, since 1991, i have’nt been to my school, which made me what i am today…..

We are meeting shortly and are trying to assemble all the friends,  and relieve those days of innocence.. and try to forge some new ties..


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