Looks are Deceptive

A major chunk of our attitude towards a person is built in the first meeting, the first impression that we carry about a person lasts forever, and how is the first impression built upon? Its built upon the physical notions like looks of the person, his body language, his oratory fluency, his attitude etc. But does these yardstick give full justice to a person? I guess no it does not. Looks.. as it is rightly said may be deceptive. A good looking person may or may not be that good,  an untidy unkempt person may carry negative feelings, but the person may be a gem in hiding. Something similar happened today when i was travelling.

It was a fully cramped morning train, the mad rush to reach to office in time results in packed trains.  Add to it the trains were running bit behind schedule. Come Mumbra station and a group of youths aboard the train, the group foul mouth people, push them aside and create space for themselves.  Then they engage themselves in activities that might irritate the ‘educated’ types. There jokes their language might cause discomfort to suave office going people. But then, they cared least.

As Thana station came, the crowd dispersed and the train was relatively less crowded, but yet it qualified the term ‘cattle class’ of Shashi Tharoor. One of the guy found a pouch on the floor of the train, the picked it up, it contained Identity Card, Visiting Card, Railway Pass, Income Tax Pan Card and literally all the essential documents.  The whole bunch got together and scrutinized all the papers.  I was perplexed i was not able to know why they are searching all the papers, i thought that these bunch of  taporis would throw the papers out of the train, but, but to my utter surprise, they traced one cell number on a visiting card. They called the number and inquired whether they knew the person whose identity was fallen… They asked one of the boys to get down at Ghatkopar station and hand over the belongings to rightful owners…

They whole bunch looked like a gang of laggards. But are’nt looks  really deceptive? I realized it through this incident. We always rush to conclusions on the basis of physical attributes of the person, but then these boys proved that wrong in their noble act.


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