Sadma… Who was wronged ??

Last night in a bout of  nostalgia i found out enough time to watch one of my favorite movies Sadma, starring Kamal Hasan & Sridevi. I have watched the movie several times before and each time the movie provided same kind of freshness and emotional touch as it gave me the very first time i watched it.

For starters, and there are many i know, who might have missed this emotional movie, Sridevi is in her artistic heights in this movie, she acts as an innocent girl who has lost her way and Kamal Hasan takes care of her, he acts as her friend, her guide and what not, he supports her, helps her and befriends her, down the line knowingly or unknowingly he falls in love with the girl, the girl too exhibits same feelings. Until one fine day, she recovers….

It so reveals in this enthralling movie that she suffers from amnesia and she recovers from that bout and one fine day she recollects her past and remembers her parents, she is united with them and she simply forgets the days she spent with Kamal Hasan… Poor soul.. who loved her so deeply was shocked, lost and was listless… he could not fathom what was happening, and as the train passed in front of him with Sridevi with her parents returning, the poor protagonist is lost.. he is dead…

I wondered right from the first day when i watched this movie… who was wrong.. the gal ? naaa.. she was’nt … or was she?? the guy?? for loving the gal so intensely? so deeply?? may be ?

I am still in search of the answer… can anybody please help me…


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