To err is to human

To err is to human to forgive is to divine it is said… well said empirical quote it was, that we learnt in our childhood days. But some people are so insanely habituated in erring that it seems that seeking divine intervention each and every time seems to be their favorite pastime activity.

One can understand and appreciate the ingenuity of a person if he can show the tendency to make newer mistakes every time,  atleast in erring he / she shows creative tint. But  is’nt it utterly foolish and stupid to repeat the same mistake more than once.  Such idiosyncratics dont get tired apologising each and every time they err.. and what a frequency of erring as if their birth itself was an error… Due to which they feel it as their birthright to make mistakes..

Making mistakes is ok, but others should not suffer from your mistakes, one can understand if erring is one’s favorite activity. But sometimes, some errors seems to be deliberate and that irks the other person.

My friends out there erring and trying to wash away the errors by profusely apologizing kindly bear in mind that there is a limit for forbearance and one’s patience should never be tested, mere sorry many a times does not suffice….


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