Shades & Hues of Hardware “Engineers”

In our childhood days the word Engineer was taken with respect as Doctors and other occupations of repute were taken. But a very new tribe of people have somehow diminished the import of this degree. We learn’t that one needed to be topper in his / her studies, do Engineering Courses work for many many hours before becoming one. Olden movies were reminiscent of these ‘Engineers’.  Not anymore though…

The last decade of Twentieth Century was full of events, one of the most important event that it unleashed for India was the IT Revolution. The Professionals in Software & Hardware soon clogged our memories. These people were known as Engineers,  these young generation were viewed with utmost awe and were the cynosure of the entire community. Those IT literates BE and ME still command the awe and the respect. But the herd somewhere mixing between them irks.

Those of you who have AMC in your office must have witnessed these Hardware Engineers coming to service your PC or laptop. These people, generally in their 20’s early or late, are no real engineers, but the companies loosely label them as Hardware Engineers.

Since last so many years, i have witnessed these brigade from close quarters, some were genuinely knowledged ones and bore indepth knowledge of their trade, while some were surviving on their trial & error kind of knowledge. Some were so accurately knowledged that by oral description of an issue they knew the solution right away, I knew two three such people who later on became my good friends. The others, merely tried to show to their clients that they knew the problem and were doing troubleshooting.

One such hilarious encounter i might never forget, I complained to the service ‘engineer’ that the system was working slow, and what an ingeneous fella he turned out to be, he simply went to the control panel and increased the scrolling speed of my mouse. Bingo, he turned to me and said ” saab problem solve ho gaya…” may be he was fooled by my stupid looks. I said buddy i am no new comer here, what is did was not the actual solution. The guy later i learnt was fired.

One of the very simple solution that these ill trained engineers offer is to format a PC, whenever they are unable to resolve an issue, they cite some technical problem, most probably a virus issue and say that the system needs to be formatted. A shortcut they adopt, not an advisable route though.

One of my “Wipro Certified Hardware Engineer” once offered me a fanciful solution, there were bad sectors in my hard disk at my home, he said you cannot resolve the error, better buy a new hard disk, I had a bet with him that i will resolve the issue and get rid of these bad sectors. And i won it!! the poor guy was flummoxed and inquired me about the trick i used. The only good thing that happened after this incident was that the guy never ever beat drum about his mastery in front of me.. atleast.

Anyways, these band of good and not so good ‘engineers’ have revolutionised the way we are today, for everytime i see that RJ45 & that crimping tool, i am reminded of the thought that these people have connected the whole world and ushered the digital life which we live today and without which we feel paralysed.

Just a piece of advise to my ‘engineers’, please update.. knowledge knows no bound.


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