Tale of trust & belief


Trust it was taught in those days of simplicity,  is like a glassware, a thin crack in it spoils the entire thing. Belief  i was told can be wronged, what i believe is true need not be the same with someone else. How many times was your trust betrayed, how many times was your belief belied ? It is plain humanly error to be betrayed by different set of people at different occasions, different beliefs falsified on separate occasions. But what can you say about a person whose trust, faith in a person was betrayed time and again by the same person in whom he / she restored his /her faith, belief.  Plain stupidity,  either the person getting fooled is plainly dumb, or the person who consistently played with the gullible one was that smart. Aint it?

In such a situation who is to be held more responsible, the guilty or the gullible one. Yes  it must be plainly stupid for the person to be fooled over and over again by the same person, but then fool that he is. But is it morally right for the person to fool the befooled one? But then one who fools other does ever care about morality?

Over the years, i have learnt that if the crack develops after your trust is betrayed, a hundred effort by the concerned to seal the crack only results in more widening of the crack, for trust as i said is like a glassware, once broken always broken…

During the last few years i met many such people whom i trusted, in someone’s capabilities i trusted, in someone’s integrity i trusted, in someone’s sincerity i trusted, in someone’s innocence i trusted, but all my trusts were overvalued and i found that these people over the period of time would do just that… betray my trust, and they did..

Even today i meet some of these people, but, the cracks are now widened and i suppose it will keep on doing so as time goes by.  These were the people whom i trusted, gave them respect, loved them, cared for them, but all i got was shrewd betrayal.  Nah, its not the case that you cannot mend up ways or live without such betrayers. This reminds me of famous saying of Robert Frost “If somone asks me to sum up what life is, i can do it in three words…. “Life Goes On…”

My life will go on and so their’s,  but the  pain that their betrayal gave  shall remain there…  forever.. And it should remain like that, as it will act as a warning while dealing with other probable betrayers…


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