Squirrel & Setu

Somewhere in those days of childhood exuberance i read one story of epic Ramayana. As the troops of Shri Rama were preparing to storm the Golden Lanka of Ravana, the troops consisting of Monkeys, Bears and all kind of animals started building the bridge by throwing stones in the sea. There was one small squirrel who also did her bit, the animal ran towards the shores brought some sand in its mouth and threw it in the still to be constructed bridge. The animal kept on doing its bid till it died.

The work it did was insignificant considering the might of warriors like Hanuman, Sugreev, Nal, Neel, Jamvandh, but the contribution was still there, which one could not negate, the sand it threw bolstered the bridge and fortified it. It did its task without expecting any returns. Selfless deed it did and became immortal.

Yesterday when i told the story to my kid ( i usually tell such bedtime stories to my kid, it helps me re-connect myself with those sweet old childhood days), i suddenly found that even in today’s world the minor contributions are ignored and the bigger ones are glorified. But even these smaller things end up becoming unassumingly significant things when one looks at hindsight. But then, minor ones are always ignored, as was the poor squirrel.

Once in some sessions, i heard one very inspiring story, a man was seen dropping the new born turtles in the sea. And there were hundreds and thousands of turtles on the beach. The benevolent soul was dropping the turtles to save them from sea eagles & other birds. A passerby laughed at the man and asked curtly what is the use of doing so when there are so many turtles around. The gentleman did not answer, he just went picked up one more turtle and sent it in the waters, standing straight, he said, “I’ve saved one more life..” Isn’t such smaller efforts significant?

But for people and their hapless logic.


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