Pope “re-evangelizes” the West

A small news article appeared in yesterday’s Hindustan Times. It raised many questions in my mind though. Pope has formed a new Office to fight ‘Secularism’ and “re-evangelize” the West. In short, the Pope is trying to enforce Christianity in the West, by demoting the concept of Secularist State. The Muslims are doing ditto in their countries, Spreading Islam, and we in India, in the name of Secularism are botching up things.

Many years ago, 1994 to be precise, i heard a speech of Late Shri Rajiv Dixit, a gifted orator and a torchbearer of Swadeshi movement. He told one story of 14th Century Europe. I dont know whether the story is correct or not. He told that the two explorers viz. Columbus & Vasco Da Gama were actually mere sea pirates and they plundered the ships travelling high seas. They often used to loot each others. To resolve their fighting, the then Pope summoned both of them and divided the globe in two parts. The western part went to Columbus, who later on discovered America. While the eastern part was discovered by Vasco Da Gama, who came to South India first and then looted and ruled it. Shri Dixit questioned the right of the then Pope to divide globe in two parts. Was Christianity the only religion to have exclusive right to do so? The same view is adopted by Islamists who claim that their’s religion is the only supreme one. It is ok that each religion feel that they are first amongst equals, but when a religious leader of so called most advanced and most educated religion tries to “re-evangelize” it raises questions about their claim of being superior ones and their hollowness is exposed. The various Christian institutions “spreading” Christianity and claiming magic healing by mere touch or drinking holy water too does the same.

Here in our country we are promoting “secularism”, a strange definition of secularism is being followed here though, where “minorities” enjoy special rights and special protection, the majority Hindu populace is often given inferior treatment in the name of secularism. All this just for the sake of votes.

When all the religions are racing for supremacy, what is our religion which amounts to 60 Crore plus population doing, we are as listless as we were when our religion was attacked several times by foreign oppressors. We are waging battle against ourselves. There is no single leader who can evolve as a leader of our religion. The organisations which claims to voice Hindu’s sentiments like RSS, VHP & Others are losing their sheen, RSS did a commendable job to raise a battle against conversions in tribal belts though. Had it been not their consistent fight and their efforts for re-conversion back to Hindutva, we would have found conversions taking place at a more rapid a pace. For instance, the population in tribal belts of Gujarat went up by 40% in a span of five years.

Our religion, one of the most oldest religions on this earth, is not merely a religion, Our Supreme Court had once ruled, that Hinduism is not merely a religion, it is a way of life. It is one of the most tolerant religion in the world, due to which, we tolerate the cuddling of minorities here in the name of securing their rights. Our religion believes in accepting good ideas from other religion and many influences and confluences have ultimately merged into our religion and has only made us stronger. But for our younger generations, we are getting more and more westernized at a time when the westerners themselves have started finding the hollowness of their lifestyles and are turning to east for meditation, medicines & tourism to find solace.

Think ye new generation when you tread and luv thy religion, for it will survive.


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