The tale of my girl friend

In this age of one night stand relationships & use & throw type of friendships, like a breathe of fresh air came a girl, almost unexpectedly, almost unknowingly. A girl, a cute n beautiful girl, enters your life, occupies your entire space and rules your heart. And still she is not your girlfriend in worldly terms.

To lessen confusion, let me take down to the entire story, it was summer of 1996, and i had been to my native place with my family. There i met a this cute little fairy. I was in my Eleventh and she was in her secondary school. There was utmost nothing common between us, the age gap was wide, she was loosely related to me and we had nothing in common. Yet after few days, we gelled, even fevicol wallahs would feel envious the way we gelled. Those few weeks that summer, we both still relive and yearn for. I cuddled this gal, played with her like a child, played hundreds of pranks and she would profusely cry, but deep down she liked whatever i did. We were very closer. I looked upon her as a cute little sister and i was vijaybhai for her. Those 15-20 days were the most beautiful days in our life, we both still agree to it.

That was not the age of telecom revolution, i had no cell (no landline either), and the only way to communicate was write letters, i was wary of writing, i still hate writing, but the gal would always scribble letters and send it to me, and didnt she pour her heart out in those letters 🙂 I have the entire collection of those beautifully written letters with the entire collection of self composed poems. Silently though, I admired that girl, she was a brilliant student, fought her way out, and the gal really fought it out very hardly. Other mortals in her place would have cracked half the way down.

For her vijaybhai was the only guy, whom she turned up, he was for her, a big brother, a fatherly figure, a good friend and a trusted ally. For him she was a cute little sister, a sweet little friend, a good friend, a friend, who could laugh with you in your happier times and cry with you when you are sad. Very few people have this nature. We normally laugh when others laugh, and we still laugh at when others cry. The rakhi that she tied last year is still in my hand and i have promised her not to remove until she comes and remove it only to tie another one.

Down these many years, 14 yrs to be precise, we have been in touch with each others, make it a point to talk atleast for half an hour every day, and dont know how we find topics. But we try to make each others happy. Whenever i talk to her i feel like i’ve been in those magical days, i feel like i am young and still a boy. One thing was sure, the girl belied her age, and was so mature, that she was the only one whom i turned when i felt confused, sad or down. For this girl knew me inside out and was perhaps the only girl who could read me correctly, the others were miles away though.

So many years have passed, i met many people, who claimed to be good friends, promised heavens but failed in delivering. Where people are used in name of friendship and played with emotionally and discarded when their utility ends. Whenever I think of such people I cannot stop wondering about my relationship with this cute little impish girl, yes, she is still little girl for me.

The only reason i find for such a refreshing relationship is that we both don’t expect anything from each others. The day expectations sets in, the relationships starts worsening and one cannot fulfill others ever growing expectations. May be we’ve been so closer knit to each others because we don’t expect. And we’ve decided to stay so.

This was the tale of the girl, she’s a cute little sister for me. But then the question arises about the topic of this blog entry. Why the title girl friend. Its because she’s a girl and she’s my friend… Jokes apart, I knew the kind of response this title would receive to my blog. For most of us, (including myself) are headline hunters, we like to scandalize people and relationships. A thank you is however due to all my friends who visited my blog a record time. But sorry, i guess I disappointed you.


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3 thoughts on “The tale of my girl friend”

  1. Good Day Vijay…

    Very Nice blog …especially wording of expectation in the relations are very true and heart touching..Really everyone is blessed with such relationship…but very few can manage to continue till the long as yours….Hats of to your Friendsly relations…

    Thanks for posting to us.

    God Bless You

    All The Best
    Dattaram Walvankar

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