Looks are Deceptive… revisited..

It was one of those days when you feel that living in a city life is a punishment for the sins you committed in your past life. Yes, I do believe in past life, in re-incarnation and all that ‘rationalists’ call as stupidity. Now before i divert the topic and change the tracks which my train did after reaching thane.

I was returning home that evening from some stupid meeting for some social event related issue. It was a draining journey back home, at around 11.20 pm. I had boarded a Titwala Train. Somehow squeezed inside the compartment as I had to travel far away. The train was cramped to maximum. Yet there was a band of “Bhajani Mandal”. Fully equipped with all their band, the “taal”, a “small drum” and what not, each one in a impromptu fashion raised up and started to sing devotional bhajans, arti, gavlans and other traditional form of music. A photograph of Lord Ganesha was dutifully tied to the window fully decorated with vermilion. As the train chugged past Dadar the songs and bhajans reverberated all over the compartment. One thing was noticed that as the train made halt at stations the songs would stop, may be due to the fear of police wrath. The songs were really sung in a professional manner, the singers had good taste for music. And the journey was made an enjoyable experience. These band of around 20 people changed the entire scene in the compartment and to cream the occassion, i got a seat at Sion, Whatta joy it is to get a seat in a jam packed train, its akin to winning a very big lottery. I carefully started observing the people around, the people who were not amongst this band. Some were amused, and some seemed not so. Some were reading books and newspapers, while some simply dozed off, caring less for what was going around. I felt amused, how could they sleep in the din of things.

As the train reached thane, my journey was a very pleasant one, noticably the entire band was of youngsters. And not a single song of any flick or any vulgar activity found in this group. My regards went sky rocketting as i felt that this was indeed a group of people who were really devotional. Afterall to have that much amount of energy to sing and to drum the music for around two hours after strenous day in workplace required something special. My regards for this group increased. But for this moment.

A member of this faceless group did some prank on other member of this group. The victim, became vociferous, the music suddenly changed tone, as the train was passing through the tunnel, we could hear some dirty expletives being hurled in the air. The atmosphere simply changed and the guys started exchanging fists for good measures. What a change of scenario, the men who were looking so docile, so calm, so devotional changed the chapter at a drop of a hat. This left me thinking.

Saint Eknath famously quoted “Ka re bhulalasi varaliya ranga”.. how often do we surmise on external appearances. How do we jump to conclusion by simple overtly looks, I had similar experience in my one other story relating to train journey. This story is exactly the opposite of that (read looks are deceptive). Looks are deceptive indeed.. The person whom we think could be a gentleman turns into a thug. A person whom we think to be a crook turns out to be a genteel one. Indeed I am no good judge of people and situation.


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