Of Clowns & Jokers…

My touring & trekking began from 1998, before that I was just an uni-angled uni-dimensional person bereft of what was going around me. My first trekk began with treacherous Bhimashankar (via Shidi Ghat), like a novice lurking in the unknown dangerous world was the very first experience. Since, that dreadful hair-raising trek, i became habituated to it and I alongwith my colleagues & friends made it a point to go for an outing at least once in three months..

We made many trips to mountains, hill stations, pilgrimage centers and other places of import, we did the unthinkable, hiked a hill station for 16 hours and did all the stupid things and enjoyed and relished every bit of it. We always returned back recharged after that outing, which usually lasted for three to four days.

One thing, in all these outings I noticed, was a similarity in pattern of people who went there, the one who went there to merry, the others went there to be object of other’s merry. People changed from trips to trips but the second category of the people always remained the same.

Then there was a friend of ours, who was the usual suspect, Bali ka Bakra as we call here, the poor soul was always made a scapegoat, he was teased, taunted and every prank available was worked out on him. Every time, the poor soul reacted with alacrity but who paid heed, the more did he react, the more was inflicted on him. To his fault, he was a lame guy, with a very forgetful nature, he was plainly stupid and acted in an absent minded way, therefore,creating many hilarious situation, which we used to recall and play prank during our outings. The funniest part of it was that the guy, did try to retaliate in his usual ways, but almost every time tables were turned on him and he would find that he would be harassed even more. No, the harassment was not physical in nature, never.. but simple jokes based on this protagonist. Everything associated, and usually ill-associated with the trips were linked up with this fella. One thing was, everything was fast forgotten and taken in lighter vein.

In only one outing, I remember, the prank went physical, where, a long grown mouthstache of our senior member was cut half, the poor guy realized only next morning.

In one such recent outing, to my amusement, i re-lived those days, that the poor hapless guy provided us all. Here the protagonist was different, but, the kind of treatment meted out to this poor guy was reminiscent of the hapless one i referred to above. The end result was the same, all forgot after the trip.

One thing in common in all these people were their own behaviour, at times, that put them in limelight, for wrong reasons though. Sometimes, forgetfulness, absent mindedness, oversmartness, brashness or other quality that exposed them, subjected themselves to uncalled for special attention, and when they received that attention, they could not withstand it and became a matter of joke. Introspection is must for these people, introspect they must for why they are always being target of different set of people. Anyways, these kind of clowns & jokers enlighten the atmosphere, make such outings memorable one.

The only sadder part is that even their tears are laughed at…… But then, trips are just for enjoyment, one has to just forget it as quickly.


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