Get me those days…… Please…

Some days ago i read a news that the legendary serial that gave birth to television soap industry in our country – “Hum Log”, was set to make a reappearance in newer version. Gush came in my old flavored memories, memories filled with many sweet stories. In my blog, most of the times you must have read many a times that i always become nostalgic, yes i do, for best part of my happiness & happy days lied somewhere in those days full of simplicity, days full of innocence & plainly unlayered being. Time has changed and one has to either adapt to the changing times or fade into oblivion, not the one to accept the latter option, i kept on changing, evolving, the whole world around me changed too.

May be people of my generation, those born in the later part of 70s & early part of 80s may be witness to the rapid pace of change that took around us, that changed how we used to live and our concepts of happiness & wellbeing & safety & pleasure. We were fortunate to witness the two distinct worlds, one fading away & other ushering in.

Those were the days of protective socialism, everything was very simple, though not so sophisticated, life was very simple & easy going. Just having a job (and one used to get easy jobs then), a typical person, would go to office come back with relative ease, for trains were not that crowded and had loads of time to spend. Those days, I still remember, during peak hours, my dad use to take me to railway platform, for i liked to watch trains, I still am crazy of trains, we use to sit on platform, i used to get my regular dose of cake or pastry that was sold in railway canteen. And would return back home by 6.30, for records, my dad used to return home by 5.30 then. Such was the easy life then. At 6.30 those days, we used to tune in our radio sets to listen to “Kamgar Sabha”, the intro music itself was addictive then. No, the question of owning a TV set was out of parlance then, for major chunk of people. A person who owned a television set (bush, crown, dynora, uptronica etc not a single brand exists today) was the envy of the entire locality. A household owning a Color TV was considered a rich one. They would ensure that all the doors & windows were curtained, so that outsiders did not get a glimpse of their richness. viz tv. Some enterprising household even charge around 25 paise for “7 chya batmya” , ya those days were not of 24 hours Intrusive Breaking News Self Contradictory Channels. The Chitrahaar & Chayageet usually played Black & White songs, which at a later stage started including one or two color songs.

Saturday & Sunday evenings were usually reserved for movie. I still do remember, that saturdays & sundays were most entertaining for us as kids. On saturday, our school used to break early. At 3.30 pm, we were glued to our idiot box to see Spiderman. Then some more tv serials. The Vikram & Betal and other series were all time best for us. How to forget the Star Trek, with Captain Spock and other astronauts. We used to replicate whatever we saw on television then. Two empty matchboxes neatly bonded with rubberband, when folded would open automatically, which were our walky talkie. Who said mobile technology is a recent happening, we kids went mobile in 1980s. The television was not 24 hour affair then, only on sundays there were many programmes all through the day. On other days the usual timing to begin the TV was 5.30 in the evening. The ubiquitous logo of Doordarshan and that music reverberate in my ears even today. Even, the agricultural programmes like “Amchi Mati, Amchi Mansa” were keenly watched then.

Our lives revolved round this idiot boxes then, no wonder, that i do not shout my kid for being a tv buff, for i did ditto then, our heroes were immortal then, we knew that ultimately Amitabh or Shashi Kapoor, Dharmendra or Vinod Khanna was going to win. India had hostile relation with Pakistan even then, and as kids we always fantasized that the team of Amitabh Dharmendra & Other heroes can single handedly deflate pakistanis. It took many decades to understand the fact that poor Amitabh was merely a “farmer” from UP. How stupid we were then.

Ramayan, inspired us to carry bow & arrow with us, we were in our fourth standards then and we roamed everywhere with these weapons of ours. We were lucky to play so many outdoor games, which unfortuanately most of our younger kids of today are not able to, I have, as a kid played literally all the games then. Right from Cricket, Football, hockey, badminton, squash, carrom, lagori, atya patya, hide & seek, daba aispais and all kind of games, most of the kids today even dont know how these games are played. May be exposure to so many games have paid an essential role in making me multi dimensional person today.

Mahabharat was perhaps the last series that ended the glorious run of Doordarshan. Then came the cable revolution & then the satellite revolution. The opening of our economy in 1991, ushered in never before changes, the quitessential Doordarshan became thing of the past & Hum Log was replaced by Hum Panch. Life changed in every angle after this phase. May be, the simple life that one used to live before changed as well, people became more money minded, their pockets enlarged and hearts shrinked, there used to be one television in one locality & entire locality used to throng that house, and with rare exception, the owner used to allow people watch. Today people have changed, values changed, money centricity may have been at the cost of other core values. Families, the grand parents & the older system is now replaced with micro families, the chawl system where happiness & sorrow was equally shared together has now ended and the flat culture has evolved, where a neighbor does not know who is staying next to him.

Gone are the older days of feeling contended with whatever one has, today, dissatisfaction is considered as the key to success, and in the quest of it, one keeps on running after it, realizing that, by the time he reaches the destination, he is not physically, emotionally, mentally adapt to cherish the fruits of his hardwork. Those were the times when buying a small house was a very crucial decision, and one used to invest his lifetime income to buy one, and the feeling of happiness & completeness was visible all over, after one achieved it. Today, a youth in his mid 20s flaunts his costly flat, his vehicle, his costly belongings.

In our quest for achieving more and more, we have made our lives a bit more difficult to live, we have left behind our days of simplicity and invited a whole range of physical, emotional, psychological problems which were unheard of just two decades before.

One has to change, a static person, will be like the old oak tree which was uprooted when the winds of change blew, the reed which was slender adapted itself and changed. Change is a must in life, but, for the sake of change, should one compromise with our core values, our ethics. I guess no.

For a change, I fully agreed with our policy makers & politicos, when they said time and again, that Liberalization is an irreversible phenomena. Yes that was true for nobody will give me back my olden days of innocence, joy & happiness. Can anybody??


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