Those innocent moments !!!!

In these days of greed and lie and superficial relationships, truthfulness and innocence is a dying trade. When we come across such people, we normally label them as stupids or idiots. But in this world full of fibs & lies, such rare commodities must be appreciated.

Whenever i recall some innocent mistakes and incidence that i witnessed in my life i recall quite a few.

The first one dates back to 1988-89, when i was about 11-12 years old. We used to stay in chawl, the building culture had just begin to spread in Dombivli then. Two chawls faced to each others and there was a small bye lane in between. Rains were just making its debut and people were busy changing their roof tiles. It was saturday and my school had a half day, i was busy playing by myself. Being a loner sometimes help, for you dont require anybody for company. i noticed that rain water was spread all over in the bye lane and a small dry patch akin to an island was formed where around 100 blank ants were locked up with water on all sides. Somehow, i felt very bad for those creatures, ants afterall those were, hardwork ants. Hardwork in anyways is never appreciated !!! Dont we crush so many ants without even caring to look down. But that day, i felt bad for those creatures. I took a small branch from a tree and placed it on the wall facing my house, that branch acted as a bridge and those poor creatures walked their way to safe destination. Albiet, they entered my house, but then, i had saved some precious lives, so what, they were just ants?

I was seriously embarrased however, when i found that this act of mine was being watched closely by three four labourers who were sitting on the top of a house busy changing the roof tiles, they saw that i saved lives of those poor ants, they laughed and uttered something in Telugu language. I was convinced that they must have said that i was an idiot or a fool or a stupid boy, but when they came down i dared to ask the meaning of those words – i dont recall those exact words, but to my amazement, those people meant that i did a godly act !!!

The other incident is not directly related to me, but made hilarious.

Those again were raining days and we were stuck up in chronic traffic jam at Sakinaka, we somehow scampered our way through the mud and dirt and water and vehicles and reached Asalpha, which is 2 kms away from Sakinaka. We friends, halted near a stall and had our staple diet of vada paav, just when i saw a boy of around 7 years old carrying potatoes in his small hands, there were around 10-12 potatoes and the boy was walking his way through the muddied and slippery road, and oh god…. the kid slipped and fell down, the potatoes got soiled and spread in muddled water. The kid began to cry, we felt bad for him. Some people who were near the kid rushed to pick him and helped him with the potatoes. The kid picked up the potatoes and again walked his way….. towards dustbin!!! he threw all the potatoes in the dustbin.. Stumbled, a man asked him, he told that his mother asked him to throw the potatoes in the dustbin. The poor soul was crying because the potatoes fell down before reaching dustbin. The people who helped him did not understand however, how to react, the innocent child was just that – innocent, but the people who helped him and collected the potatoes were looking like silly ducklings!!!! And we all were giggling.. not at the child though !!!

The third incident was somewhat official in nature. Those were the days when we all gang of around 6-7 youngsters all new recruits in government job used to mix up very well. Not that we dont mix up now, but those were days of exuberance and innocence.

On one such lazy days, i was with my friends in our office library, which is a public library. Those were hot summer days and we were lazying around with not many people in the library. Just when a young couple entered the library. They asked for some technical books and our librarian gave the book. They referred to it, we friends were chatting just when the couple came and asked for a xerox copy of the pages from the book they took. The librarian asked the couple to deposit the amount and take the book outside for xerox. Now, there was a Xerox Centre which was not so near from our office. Just when the couple was taking the book for xerox, i intervened and asked the man to take the book for Xerox and let his wife sit in the library. I had no bad intentions, i just thought that the lady would be saved from extreme heat outside, somehow, may be, i could not deliver my message properly, i was not so good in communications then, the couple mistook my words and the man in hurry said ok no problem we dont require a xerox, and left the library in a flash!!! Before, i could understand what was happening, everybody started laughing. Nobody gave me a chance to explain what really i meant to say though, but inertly everybody knew what i really meant to say.

Such stupids and innocent acts and incidents spice up your lives, but stupidity should not be chronic as some people tend to be. After all “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” Aint I right?


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