Tired & Retired….

Attending Send Off functions is perhaps one of the most boring thing i think to do. For all these years in my office life i have found the similarity in pattern of these functions. People gathering together, speaking in glowing words about the retiree and praise him with unimaginable terms, sometimes even the individual who retires finds it hard to digest.

One of my favorite past times during such occasion is my cell phone, i prefer to sit in the very last row and away from the glimpse of people on the dias and get busy playing games on my cell. For i know what all is going to happen. The people who fought tooth & nails, played dirty tricks & politics come on the podium & speak glowingly, sometimes, bit diplomatically too. Some very good orators, maintain stoic silence, while get vocal on some other occasions. If you want to see what really these people feel for the person retiring, you must witness what people say about the person just an hour before or after he retires and the words said on the dias remains just that… words..

Initially, i thought, that this hypocrisy and sycophancy was limited in government circles, but to my amazement, and thanks to my friends in private sector, i found that people there are even more competent in wearing these masks of lies & fibs and have termed it as an quintessential etiquette.

Someone must however, spare a thought for the person who retires, who has put in his life in the office, the office becomes his second home, where he has spent most of his day time, the entire structure, the building, the campus, the people, the equipments all bore a sense of belongingness and all of a sudden on one fine day he has to just leave it all behind and get retired.

The very people who give tall promises from the dias treat the retired person with indifference, he may be welcomed once or twice, but after that he becomes an unwanted guest and is more often than not avoided.

On very few instances, have i found that people maintain such good rapport during their service time that they get the love and the respect even after they retire.

Retire one must, we all retire from our lives, from our careers, from our jobs, for we create the void which someone fills and the cycle continues….

To succeed and maintain the same kind of spirit one must, get retired… but never get tired… for once a person loses it from within, no one can help…


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