Why do we make Idols ? …

On one such trips with my friends, we were feeling bored and were discussing some social topics with historical relevance. Friends were of relatively diverse field and some newbies were just that.. newbies.. I did not know much about them, their thinkings, their ideologies & their ideals and their idols they worship.

We were discussing the topic of Shivaji Maharaj and my friend asked my views about the great maratha ruler whom i reverred since those days of black & white television where we used to see marathi movies of Shivaji Maharaj. Of course, our fourth standard syllabus then had an entire history book dedicated to this great human being. Awe filled respect this childhood hero always had a place in deepest corner of my heart.

When my turn came to talk about Shivaji Maharaj, i said that i bow to the great ruler but I feel one should not idolize him, should not turn a hero into god and worship him. A small hush spread in the group, the friend who initiated the debate vehemently opposed what i said, and before i could elaborate almost in an angered tone rubbished what i said. I felt bemused, but, thankfully, i got another opportunity to explain my stand, i did just that, but really dont feel convinced that they were convinced.

What i always feel is that Humans should not be turned into Gods. When you idolize a human being and consider him a God, all his/her achievements are belittled, thinking that the person is a god and can perform such miracle. Be it Shivaji Maharaj or even Sachin Tendulkar. Their achievements have created a huge huge fan following and obsessive fans worship them as God, inadvertently belittling the achievements of their heroes into godliness.

Take the incident of Shivaji Maharaj’s daring escape from Agra. I am no history student, but just sheer respect for my hero have compelled me to go through any kind of historical reference i got. Those days can one imagine how Maharaj traversed through Maharashtra, via Pune, Aurangabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan to Agra ? When he was confined to house arrest and when Maharaj made that daring escape he avoided the same route and came straight down through Madhya Pradesh. Can one imagine what a minute planning it must have needed to do so. There were no Rajdhani Expresses then. Horses were used, they were strategically located, a horse used to run a certain distance and then another horse would be used to go further, what a strategic and acutely executed plan it was. Even today’s modern logistic people might have messed up for sure. And this is just one example. The precisely planned raid at Lal Mahal, the raid on Surat and the famous encounter with Afzal Khan, the battle of Javli, which very few amongst us might know is even today considered as one of the best battles in top ten battles in human history by military experts.

When we turn humans into god, we paint them into uni color, we paint them only as good. Contrary to that, humans being humans will have different shades in their lives and one must accept them with all these shades. But the problem is that when we turn humans into god, we sort of dismiss any kind of negativity around our god.

I genuinely feel that we must not belittle the genius of the man by labeling him into god and then assuming that it was predestined and not so surprising for him to achieve the feat.

God after all is a debatable topic, an Atheist like my shall say so, but the achievements of such exemplary people should not be shadowed masking them as god.


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