The Zombie Experience…

Some stories, some experiences, mark a long lasting effect in your being, the more you try to erase it, the more stronger it comes back, each one of us experiences such feelings more often than not. Some sensitive ones, with warmth in their heart experience it a tad too often i guess.

One such story, rather a documentary has left an unhealing mark on me. It was one sedate winter night, i was bored and switched on my favorite documentary channel – Discovery. A documentary on Zombie – The Living Dead was being played. Initially, i thought it was a documentary of some kind of mysterious nondescript African Tribe. As the plot unfolded, i found myself glued to my seats. It was a heart rendering tale of one of the cruelest form of cruelty humans can inflict on others.  It was a real tale of an African Girl who was kidnapped. She was tortured every possible ways, kept in solitary confinement in a room devoid of sunlight or light of any form for months together, her total contact with the world was cut off. Soon the girl began to forgot her date timing sense etc. She was so much tortured and beaten that her soul had died in her living body. After these cruel rituals, a pit was dug and the girl was buried in it alive, with only a small outlet for air to pass, for days the girl was buried alive in this pit, after which when she was brought out of it, a new girl devoid of her soul was born. This girl had no senses of her, she had lost her old memories, she forgot her name, her identity was lost. The girl now was merely a mechanical living organism akin to some kind of robot. It did not have its own sense or sensibility. It was merely an orderly of her master. This cruel practice and the person so transformed is called as Zombie.

Until one day, that zombie waylaid to her old region, where she was born and where she grew up, where her parents stayed. Ahh.. but for the inhumanity she faced, she failed to recognize even her mother. Not so was the case with her parents. They accepted the girl and with the kind of love  of her parents, the girl slowly recuperated.

How can one be so cruel was the first question, that arose to my mind when i saw this documentary. The whole story and the way it was played out left a very shrilling impact on me.

In a way, we too become Zombies,  people who exploit others for their means, to a much extent are like the masters of the girl who was slaved. We are exploited many a times by people knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes, people cheat you in the name of friendship, sometimes it is good behavior, the other times it is the much in the name of much maligned “love”.

When such exploited people realize that they were emotionally exploited when they realize their folly feel deeply disheartened & happy. Disheartened for the fact that they were merely being used and happy for their newfound freedom.  Freedom from the falsehood and emotional exploitation.


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