The Power of Faith

Yours faithfully, we always write in our communications, many a times without realizing the power of the word faith…
What is faith ?  Dictionary says it is A confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.

I have seen people doing crazy things in their respective fields and excelling, only because they had faith in their abilities and their powers. People who are god fearing, who worship religion, who pray regularly are one such lot of faithfuls and their faith in their respective deity many a times helps them to overcome the gravest of difficulties in their lives. I have seen the evangelists in christians cure people by just touching the ill people or sprinkling holy water. Whether it is right or wrong may be a topic of debate, but the people come their with faith, faith that these healers will heal their illness their misfortune, this inbuilt faith actually works in favor of the person who carries it, but ultimately that magic touch, that magic sprinkle takes all the credit.

Faith can make you do many crazy things, things that one cannot imagine doing in their normal lives. My mother is a pious god fearing lady, for better part of her life now, she is a warkari of Lord Vitthal of Pandharpur. Warkari’s by the way,  are the people i admire, for once a person becomes a Warkari, his life gets transformed, the person leaves many bad habits like drinking or eating flesh. It is not so easy to leave these habits, but the beads of the “mala” that they wear takes the credit, for the efforts of the warkari. This warkari sect is one living example of brotherhood, togetherness, camaraderie. Here the false walls of caste creed sex etc are broken and all the warkaris become brother and sister. Once when i was very small, i may be in fifth standard, i accompanied my parents to Pandharpur during Ashadi Ekadashi. Phew what a breathtaking scene it was, lakhs and lakhs of people reaching Pandharpur, chanting Vitthal Vitthal (actually they chant ithal ithal) and dissolving together to form one singular moss of humanity. The entire banks of Chandrabhaga River (Bhima river) gets filled with humans of all caste creed colors. The people (both male & female) bath in the river but there is not an ounce of impropriety. For all these people, and a very large chunk of it, illiterate or averagely literate ones are full of faith. Faith in their god, that their god is with them and that they have come to their “Maher” (paternal place for married girl), as Late Bhimsen Joshi sung in his immortal song “Maze Maher Pandhari…” These warkaris come walking from many places, they walk for days and weeks together and they are as fresh as morning dew. Women can be found carrying on their head “tulsi vrindavan”, the tulsi leaves that is the favorite of their Lord. The only factor that brings all these congregation of about seven to eight lakhs people together is the very ultimate faith in their deity. The entire celebration is well coordinated with minimal intervention by law enforcing authorities.

My Mom now is an old lady at the fag end of her seventies struggling to enter into her eighties. During the last pilgrimmage, i was bit skeptical whether she would make it. The only answer that she gave silenced all my doubts. She said “My Lord Vitthal will ensure that i return safely..”. When i took her and other old ladies to Kalyan station, from where they were boarding their train in the midnight at 12.00 am to go to Pandharpur, I was shocked to see the rush and the crowded trains. I feared for the life and limb of my mother and others alike. I urged them to cancel their plan, only to be dismissed by them in unison. They somehow scampered their way in, travelled for good 10 hours in that jam packed train and reached Pandharpur. They stayed there for eight days and used to bath in the river in cold in the wee hours at 4.00 am. When my mom returned back, she was more fresher more energetic.  Her faith ensured that she was fit and fine, in her normal course over here, she finds very difficult to walk for 100 metres and here she was traversing a journey of more than 700 kms. Indeed her faith in her Lord Vitthal was stronger, that gave her the willpower to battle all odds and achieve what she had sought for.

One however needs to place their faith in right things, for we see the determined inhuman acts of terrors a result of misplaced faith & ideologies. To sum up i can say that yes one must have faith in something positive and use it to our advantage, once my friends were teasing me saying that i was unreliable and they had no faith in me, i was also irritated by their coordinated attack, one of my friend who was not much amused however, said one line, that sums up the entire story, he said, vijay it does not matter that they dont have faith in it, till the time you have faith in yourself no body can beat you.. How right my friend was.
Friends, in this uncertain times, where our lives our career our stability everything is like that poor sand in sandclock slipping away fast, one must have faith, faith in something good and something positive.

So my friends, next time you write yours faithfully, do ponder about the power of the word faith 🙂 good nite


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