Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy

Our Modern life has become so weird that our attention is attracted towards things only when it is shrouded in some kind of controversy. After that we rush in hordes with our bucketfull of views and opinions. In this mad rush however, some genuine, some good things are ignored, left out.  The Advertising Agencies and Other Media Houses exploit this approach of common people to hilt and extract maximum mileage. You must have seen some channels showing BREAKING NEWS 24/7, how can the news that broke out some while ago, become a breaking news anyways ??

One Marathi Drama that would have otherwise passed off as just another play, became instantly famous, grabbed media attention, public attention and of course, the politicians not to be left behind in such chaotic situations. The drama was Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy, the play sought to explain the other side of Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the fury, the agony of new Independent India, which was just liberated and partitioned on basis of religion. Mahatma Gandhi’s softcorner for Pakistan and his act of forcing the Government to provide financial assistance of Rs.55 Crores (in those times when dealings were in anna and paisa!!! ). The author seeks to justify the act of killing of Mahatma saying that Mahatma needed to be killed as he was hurting India’s National Interest. The killer had nothing personal about Mahatma and that he did bow down before shooting Mahatma to show his respect.

The entire drama would have passed off as just another play, but the politician of a party created ruckus in Thane and tried to become the sole custodian of Gandhi & his Values. But did Gandhi preach violence as a measure to counter other’s views?? The politician like many other poor folks of his lot sort of twisted the ideals of the Mahatma to his advantage and gave some silly reasoning on television. His stated position was that such shows show our national icons in bad light. The patrons visiting such plays get influenced by the play and create a bad image of the father of our Nation. No the politician, surprisingly, was not from Congress !!

This ruckus created by the politicians and the media pouncing over it and creating it another National Issue, suddenly brought the Old Play into limelight and people became curious to watch it. Me too being one amongst the horde switched on the Internet and found the entire play on Youtube. I watched it, and was flummoxed, not because of the play but because of silly issues these politicians create.

I watched the entire play not once but twice or thrice, but, i did not feel influenced, if something might have happened, it was the increased respect for Mahatma Gandhi, a person who dared to die for his principles.  Killing the person can never end the ideas the person propogated, it will only instigate those and motivate others to be alike. If one disbelieves or has his views there are other ways to establish your views than violence.  Mahatma afterall used the never realized potent weapon of peaceful non cooperation and Satyagraha to counter the mighty British Empire and he prevailed upon them. Yes I agree to the part in the drama where it is said that the partition was not necessary, I always believed so, and some days ago the old historians from India & West have also concluded that the power hungry politicians wanted to enjoy power at the cost of partition of India. The civil unrest that prevailed after partition could have subdued and the India would have remained united from Pakistan to Bangladesh. The two nation theory coined by Jinnah anyways has came crashing down and has shown its futily after the partition of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The nation found on the basis of Islam and nurtured on Anti-India Feelings find it difficult to sustain its unity.

I feel very perplexed and at times very entertaining, how our politicians take us for a very nice ride and we enjoy it thoroughly. People buy their contentions and start to believe it without bothering to verify whether they mean it. Had i not watched the play, time and again, i might have also bought the theory of that hapless politician and created a very good image of him as a fiery custodian of Gandhian Principles.

Watch the play and decide your Views

Part 1 Part 2


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