During our college days, we were taught various laws, like law of demand, law of supply etc.  One thing was common, and the thing was, “other things should remain remain the same” (ceteris paribus assumption). Each Law also had some assumptions and some exceptions. The law was such very dependent on existence or exception of certain conditions.  Exception was the buzzword for me everywhere i went, exception i was , for being an obedient student, when the whole class used to get beating. Exception, I was when my friends treated me.

As i grew up, i found exceptions everywhere, in all walk of life, may be due to this variance, life has become so beautiful. We, our dreams, our thoughts, our lives, our makings are not static or uniform, there is a certain level of difference and exception.

When i joined my job – a government job, i found that my office was exceptionally different from other stereotyped government offices, my bosses were different from others too and there was a climate of camaraderie and togetherness amongst everyone.

The image that one associates with Government Offices and people working there is not very inspiring, yes the slow pace of work there may  have only helped bolden the general perception. But then even there are some people, who are exceptionally different from others.

Something similar happened today.. I found a gem of a person, at the most unexpected of places.  Actually, we friends from office are planning to go for an outing to north India. The trip was long overdue. Finally, today we decided to book the tickets in advance,  we met at 7 am in the morning and proceeded to the booking window. At 8.00 am as the reservation link got activated, the hell rush and confusion took place at the booking window.  My number was second and i had passed on the reservation slip and money inside, the booking clerk booked the ticket and gave me the tickets. Thrilled to see all the seats, fourteen in all confirmed, and that too in a same bogey and pushed out by the crowd, i and my friends somehow squeezed out of the crowd. We all were very happy that we finally got the tickets, we were longing for. We went to a nearby restaurant for a cuppa tea.   My cell buzzed then, by the time i picked up the call was cut. I ignored it thinking that it might be some stupid telecaller.

Just after some while, the cell ringed once again, the same unknown number it was. I picked the call, the person on the other side identified himself as the Head Booking Clerk, he informed me that while booking the tickets, i overpaid them Rs.200/-. He asked me to come back and collect the cash, I was surprised, i was amazed. I was suprised that i got a call from the person’s personal cell.

As i went inside the booking office, the person came to receive me and identified himself and told that while calculating the booking clerk noted that Rs.200/- was paid in excess. He dutifully returned the amount. I was, kind of, speechless, i was unable to react. In the gush of emotions, i forgot to ask this gentlemen’s name either. I only kept on thanking him profusely. Then we shook hands and i came out, thinking yes, there are people like this gentleman that gives so much hope.

The booking people could have easily kept the money as i myself was not aware that I had overpaid, but, the gentleman thought otherwise.  Really such faceless noble people make us believe that yes goodness still exists.

On personal count too, i recall one similar incident which happened some couple of years ago. I was part of a team that was scrutinizing some papers related to an award. Those were days prior to Diwali. It was one such lazy afternoon and it was lunch time. One one gentleman, who must have been on the other side of his sixties was seeking some kind of assistance for some official work. I was just lazying around when he entered in my room. He inquired about a particular officer, since it was lunch time, he could not trace that officer. The gentleman, inquired about some scheme, since, i knew the scheme, i asked him to sit and i explained him the scheme and gave downloaded for him the relevant papers and handed over to him.  It was not much of an effort for me, as i had everything on my desktop. The person was however, very impressed, he inquired about me, and gave his visiting card. He was a company of some company. He thanked me and departed. The next day, however, a person, he was a delivery boy, came with a sweet box and it had the same visiting card. The owner had sent the diwali sweets for me 🙂 I never knew that what was just a routine part of my job would be so much of help to someone else.

Before winding up, i must not forget to recall, meeting one such gentleman at GMRT Narayangaon (read previous entry)

Yes, there are exceptions, there are good people in baddies and bad people attired as good ones. This blend of exceptions on the both sides perhaps makes our life so enthralling. Is’nt it.

Before signing off, a bow of respect to the people on the other side of those rusted grilled windows. Today’s experience, has proved that we cannot stereotype anybody, anywhere.. for exceptions are there everywhere…


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