A cycle completed…

After many a days i have felt like writing something in my blog. At the outset i would like to thank all my readers and subscribers to this blog. This blog despite being based on personal experiences and memories, bereft of any romanticism or any kind of hype is getting unexpected attention, for which i thank one and all. The response that I am get only motivates me furthermore.  No this blog is not intended to address any gallery, I dont decide beforehand while write anything, it just comes oozing out,  as the heading of my blog says, Straight from my heart……

Flashback : The year was 1991 when i had passed out my matriculation exams and with flying color did i pass. I was exulted to say the least. The entry into a whole new world of college made me feel big. The college was bit far away from my residence and i had to travel by ST buses which is popular for its erractic service. I used to get tired when i returned back from college in the evening. The naivety in the initial days coupled with thrill of college life faded and the entire travel was getting boring.

Most of my friends had their bicycle and fewer of them even had their bikes. Those with their own means of transport would reach very early to their home, while i with others had to wait at the bus stand for the bus and sometimes had to scamper back walking.  Suddenly, a thought clicked one fine day, i told my dad then, i was getting very tired by this daily routine and i insisted him to get a bicycle for me so that i could save time energy and efforts.  The demand for the cycle was turned down by my dad uprightly, i thought that a bit of pampering would ensure that i get one. So i persisted, this persistence lasted for around 10-15 days, but my dad was firm, he said, that the road leading to college was a very busy road with all kind of vehicles and it would be risky for me to go to college by bicycle.  I rubbished this stand saying that so many friends of mine had one and that my dad did not wish to buy a cycle or for that matter spend the money for cycle. I tried all the tricks in the book which involved crying,  denouncing food et all, but my dad was firm as ever…

Circa.. 2011. My kid now in his pre teens is now doing the same.  He needs a cycle… My answer now is the same.. The road in front of the building is busier one and it would be risky affair to get a cycle. My kid cried and throws all the tantrums.. but my adamant nature persists everytime.

Looking back now however, I feel guilty, guilty that i read my dad wrong, no he really cared for me and hence he did not get a bicycle for me, for if i feel alike for my son’s safety, my dad would have bored the same feeling. Alas.. my dad is not around me, but am sure, he must be there somewhere above and feeling the guilt that i am not able to erase.

All that i can say is… I am sorry dad..

But yes, my kid would never get his bicycle..


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One thought on “A cycle completed…”

  1. this article is so heart touching…………..

    This is a truth that we always fail to understand our parents. We never understands their feelings behind all this restrictions, their rudeness. We are only blaming them for all this without thinking on it.

    I m feeling bad for nishant becoz he cant get that thing which he likes a lot, But its ok, The boys and girls who are always listening their parents suggestion will definitely get better things than what they are expecting.

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