A cup that matters..

It was the year 1983, the pre-liberalized era you can say, but we did enjoyed every bit of it, for we were not at all aware of what globalization meant, what liberalization & other economic jargon meant, as we were too young to understand these terminology. I was in my third standard then, the television was a luxury item then, those owning a colour television was envied upon by the entire locality then.  Those days we used to stay in Naval Housing Colony and we had a community hall, where there was a color television. The Watchmen a Gorkha at his whims used to play or stop television. But how could he do this during that period, it was world cup match. It was finals between India & West Indies. I and my friends were too young to understand the finesses of the game, but, one thing that we did experience was the jubilation every time our player hit the ball to the boundary, and boundaries were a rarity then. As India won the world cup the entire hall erupted and the festivity began everywhere, fire crackers bursted all around and jubilations lasted many a days.  Only thing we could gather was that India had won the big game and we were champions. The euphoria had spilled all over and our love for this wonderful game only increased,  at the cost of other games though.

Now as India won the world cup for the second time around in 2011. The scene has totally changed, the media glare and exposure that the team gets, the reach of the media in each household has only opened the game for more and more scrutiny. The players are under more pressure. One thing that i relate is that those days when we did not have television, we used to watch tv in a community center and the whole crowd was a single unit. We shared our joys together, we expressed our frustrations and angst in unity. Now as India won the world cup this time around, i was in my own flat watching the tv with my wife and my kid. The joy increases only when it is shared. Though I was equally as happy as 1983, the joy of 1983 in celebrating the moment of glory together was uniquely different than sitting in your drawing room eating wafers and sipping a cup of tea and watching the game of cricket.

Facebook & other social networking sites have opened up people quite a bit i suppose, they have become bit more expressive. Sometimes overtly though. For during one such match when India lost to South Africa my friends on Facebook assumed the role of mentor to the Indian Team, taught them basics of cricket and questioned the role of Dhoni as a leader, as a captain, some vociferously demanding his ouster as a captain!!!.  Suprisingly enough, the same set of guys sang pangs of bold and courageous leadership of Dhoni when we won the World Cup. Surely Success has many fathers…

Some of my distant memories of cricket and this cup dates back to our first world cup truimph, the Cup Kissing Kapil, the annihilation of Waqar Younus  at the hands of Ajay Jadeja in 1992. I remember having seen this day and night encounter in front of TV Showroom while returning from my tuition classes. What a frenzied mob it was in front of the TV Showroom it was. Another memory dates back to sobbing Vinod Kambli who wept like a child when the match was awarded to Sri Lanka due to fading lights.

Our team is now a champ and each and every player (including Nehra) deserves kudos. The wait for the cup was long one, almost one generation changed, for when India won the world cup i was in my third standard, now when we won again in 2011. My Kid is in third standard. Let us hope to break this jinx of 28 years wait is all what i can… for i dont want to wait to enjoy the next world cup victory with my grandson when he reaches his third grades 🙂


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