Marriages of families

I am usually a laid back person, i love my solitude and very rarely do i make myself available for social gatherings like marriages etc. The entire setup of marriages, the loudness of it, everything somehow do not suit my nature, so at most of times, i try to excuse myself from attending these functions. But, this day was different,  It was one such hectic day where i was supposed to attend not one but two marriages same day, and i had no option of skipping either one of it.

Fortunately, one marriage was in the morning session and the other in the evening,  ensuring that i would remain fully occupied in the din that whole day.  Somehow, i made up my mind to face the inevitable.

That sunday, i reached the first marriage, a typical marathi marriage, the hall was overflowing with guests, the Sanai Chowghada was playing in full volumes, people mixing with others, I did not knew many people over there, hence, kept myself busy reading newspaper and playing with my cell.  All the customs were followed in toto and then the long queue for reception, now standing in queue would be the last thing for a lazy person like me. I did everything dutifully that day.  Passed few pleasantries with  some known people, had my share of lunch and skipped.

The other marriage was bit different, for it was in a posh locality, a very big hall with dinner arrangements in the garden, waiters were serving cold drink in place of water. The crowd did not however match the size of the hall and something looked amiss over here. Anyhow, i met the relatives and skipped that marriage as well.

Some thoughts prevailed during my long journey back home,  the first marriage that i attended was an out and out family function,  for the girl who fought all the odds after death of her parents to ensure that her siblings get settled. A sense of achievement one could see in her eyes. She had been the younger sibling in the family but she ensured that even the elder sisters were settled.  The entire flock at the hall seemed to be in unison and just everybody was part of the celebration.

The second marriage though a love marriage seemed as if it was just meeting of two souls, the camaraderie between families largely missing.  At times even hilarious for the mute spectators like me to watch rituals being followed twice in two different cultures.  The sparse crowd were amused to some extent but they could hardly connect with what was happening atop over there at the podium.

Does a marriage means only meeting of two persons, two souls? I guess no, the institution of marriage would not have been so complexed one if it was meant to serve such a narrow purpose. Marriages are meant for two families to unite. They come together forever and the societal bonding increases. That is the reason why in olden ages disputes were settled with marriages between the warring families.  The bride and the bridegroom act only as  a facilitator between two families  to unite.

So my friends do marry,  marry the girl you like, but do try to ensure that it is not at the cost of breaking hearts, mend ways and build bridges so that families come closer rather than going away.

Best wishes…


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