The spelling of grammer

Spellings and Grammar were taught with utmost care during our schooling days. Teachers, unlike the present crop, were bit more dedicated i presume. However, during our schooling days and even today some words confuse us, how to spell it correctly. One such word that always confused us till that memorable day, was the word grammar. Whether to spell it as grammer or grammar was always a dilemma atleast i faced and most of the times i used to spell the wrong word.  But something happened that day that made me and other wards of my class to remember the word correctly, till this day, that is.

We had a Grammar teacher in our third grades, her name was Mary, and she was a lady on the wrong side of her fifties, her physique and her composure always told her age ahead of her actual age.  For us she looked too old, but a very lovable and dedicated teacher she was. She taught us grammar then, the noun, its nuances, verb, adverb, adjectives and all other topics, to enhance our vocabulary we were given doses of lessons from read and reader a sort of story book.

We all were stumbling our way in grammar, sometimes performing well, sometimes not that, but one thing we all as kids did in unison, almost all the time that year was to spell the word Grammar wrongly,  i.e as Grammer. The teacher would almost devoutly correct, the mistake each time she noted one, but almost like a habitual drunkard, we would repeat the same mistake.

One fine day, when her patience ran out, she started shouting at the whole class and almost yelled I am your grammar teacher and when you spell the very word wrong, it is my failure as a teacher. Today, i will make you all remember the spelling all through your life, and she almost wept while telling these words and in a hushed tone she said children, grammar is spelled as grammar and not as grammer. Seeing her cry, everybody were stunned, we were not too mature to console her, but we all felt very bad, bad that we were the reason for her tears.  After a while, she gained her composure and said children now I am sure that your will never spell the word as grammer.  And we never did…

Retrospectively thinking, whether the tears that day were real or not i don’t know, but the happenings of that day, the theatrics of the moment, made an indelible mark on us during those formative years, and yes we always, the whole class always, spelt the word as grammar. Whether all the class fared well in that subject was another topic altogether, but atleast the class did not spelt one spelling wrong after that.

As an afterthought, the spelling of grammer in the topic of my post was a deliberate mistake,  i won’t like to offend my teacher after so many years 🙂



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