Period of Unrest


Somehow i felt for this faceless guy, Parag Sawant.  Somehow, i relate to this guy, a guy next door, a victim of mad terror act. That day on 11th July 2006, as bombs ripped railways on the western tracks of Mumbai. This guy went into coma, a vegetative state of body.  He hogged limelight till he was marketable and soon everybody forgot him. Till around three days back, when Parag was again in news, for good reasons though. Almost miraculously Parag hogged back to life. He saw his daughter for the first time, his wife was six months pregnant when he went into coma.  After many a days some good news came, and that morning i felt good and happy for someone whom i never saw or met.

But,   why do i felt for this guy?

Everytime, a mad terror act occurs,  i keep on telling myself,  maybe this time i skipped, maybe i was lucky this time around,  may be next time i may not be that lucky afterall.

A pattern is observed everytime a henious attack on humanity takes place in form of terrorist attacks, bomb blasts. The government involves in cover up operation, compensation in form of  money is announced. The government expresses its “resolve” to fight terror.  Condolences are offered from all corners, pakistan – the factory of terrorism comes first in expressing condolence and solidarity. Whether it acts on its words is a matter altogether different. People express their hurt, their anger, nowadays, we all have found virtual media and social networking sites a cool tool to express our frustration. Government then goes on to declare a slew of new measures to “combat this menace”. The opposition parties play a role akin to their name, oppose just for opposing, petty politicians just play cheap politics. Politics of painting the attack on communal lines, on lines with locals & outsiders. And we all forget and start to make a fresh beginning from where we had left.

Unfortunately, the only ones who suffer is the common people, people with dream,  dream to make it big, dream to make their families and the dear ones happy. These common people like you and like me suffer the most, and for no tangible crime of ours.

We pay the price for no fault of ours, the weakness of our government – of all parties,  in dealing with terrorism is reflected over a period of time since 1993  in form of acquittals of those accused in bomb blasts, for example.  Those convicted by our supreme courts and awarded death penalties are still not being hanged because they belong to a certain region, certain community. The surviving & the most visible face of last terror attack Ajmal Amir Kasab, even after being convicted is being cajoled. He will now approach the high court, then the supreme court, and then the presidential pardon appeal, which will take almost a decade or even more for him to see the gallows. The home ministry and the presidential secreteriat says that they are in no hurry to process the presidential pardon cases and there are around 30-40 files pending before Ajmal Amir Kasab to meet his fate.

Is this spinelessness not the kind of motivation for the future perpetrators ?  Is this not the kind of an insult to the poor and the innocent ones?  But, then who cares for us,  the poor aam aadmi ??

Sadly, one of the factor why the government is not seen taking stern action because the terrorists represent a particular religion. And to appease the members of that religion for sheer electoral benefits most politicians and governments prefer to look otherwise.

Our country wants its citizen and the world to believe that we are emerging as a new super power. What a sham!! Which super power displays such lack of will, such spinelessness ? Those floating the theory of ours being superpower, certainly live in a wonderland or wants us to live there.

We the common people too, have become adaptive to what is happening around. We have resigned to our fate and have chosen to just look other way, at times, thanking our stars for being lucky ? But how many times will we be lucky by this attitude ? We just accept everything, from price rise to bomb blasts as a part of our fate, isn’t it ??

Coincidentally, just a couple of days back, when i was teaching history lesson to my kid, i passed through a phrase, the period was of unrest and to explain this phrase, i told him, what unrest means. And yesterday, he retorted me, dad you are right, this is a period of unrest you taught me yesterday!!!

Yes, we are living in times of unrest, thanks to inactiveness – our ourselves and our governments

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