Being Street Smart..

This is a hilarious real life tale of a love marriage almost gone awry. It unfolded some couple of years ago. The girl, a cute pretty girl, whom i knew since her birth, she was around 10-12 years younger to me. Her family was close to ours and we’d often meet.

Somehow last few years we’d lost contact, not that we did not meet or called each others, but the frequency and the emergency was lesser. I was busy in my family life with my kid growing and my activities on spread, i could not really find time to keep in touch with many a people whom i liked. It is a tame excuse I know, but, i had really lost contact with this girl.

All of a sudden, I learn’t that the girl was in love with a lad and their romance started raising eyebrows in the locality. However, since, her parents had accepted, i had no role in objecting. Their’s was a tale of roses & brickbats, more brickbats than roses though. They would often keep on fighting, and they fought bitterly enough. Cut off contacts with each others, only to re-establish it even more firmly. During one such fight, they almost deleted each others from their hearts, their families were a worried lot, as their affair had got enough publicity and especially, the girl might have found it difficult to marry elsewhere. Her father came to me and asked me to accompany him to the boy’s place and convince him.

So we went to the boy’s place. Sometime’s the first impression, that you bore about a person remains so lifelong, something similar happened, the moment, i saw the boy, i pitied the choice of the girl and was sure that the girl would have a tough time, had she not married him, but would have even more tougher a time, had she married him. The boy looked adamant, mislead, stubborn and did not even showed respect to his own parents. He almost publicly humiliated the girl. I tried my best to intervene, but it did not really worked that day. The girl’s father was a helpless person, only pleading and prodding the boy. The boy’s father took me downstair and told me that the relation will not work, given the nature of the couple, he asked me to convince the parents to cut off the relation. I was taken aback. Given the nature of our society, the girl’s marriage with another guy, would have been just impossible. Not that i committed anything to the man. I kept mum and just returned back. The girl then apologized to the guy for all that she did and mostly for what she did not do. Somehow, the patchup was effected after strenous deliberations of three four hours. But, i was sure the patch-up was temporary. Soon the date of marriage was fixed, the girl got married. For obvious reasons, i did not attend the marriage.

The girl spent a good couple of months very happily in her new family, and then the colors started peeling off. The guy was a waste, to say the least, he used to come home in the evening drunk. His parents over pampered him which attributed for this state i guess. He would beat the girl black and blue. The girl tolerated to her best possible and showed a happy picture back home, for, it was her choice after all. She did not wished to show everyone back home, that she was wrong in her choice. But yes, her choice was wrong for sure.

Then one night, something serious happened, the girl was beaten up very badly by this guy, he brought a kitchen knife to hurt her, she ran out of the bedroom and her in-laws somehow saved the girl that night. The other morning at six thirty the father of the girl came to my house. Tears were rolling down his cheek, i never found him so helpless ever before. I did not understand what had happened. He told me the whole story and requested me to come to the guy’s place. Looking at the emergency, i could not reject. I alongwith my wife went to the girl’s place. The guy was not around. The girl looked like she had lost the battle long way. She was thin and badly bruised. Strangely enough, the guy’s father, tried to turn tables on the girl and told me in no uncertain terms that i had forewarned you all that this marriage wont work. To add more spice, the mother-in-law had already packed the girl’s suitcase and brought it and told us that we better take the girl back, else the boy would kill the girl. The father in law however, kept a pre-condition that i should give in writing that i am taking the girl on my own risk. That was now going overboard, even for a silent guy like me, who carries loads of patience. My patience that day had crossed the limits and i opened up and warned the father in law of the consequences of what had happened. The guy and all around were taken aback. For they always knew me as a silent and a cool guy and perhaps they took my silence for granted.

We brought the girl back to her parent’s place for some days, for given the heightened tempers, it might have not been advisable to keep the couple together. The girl’s relatives washed their hands off blaming me for bringing the girl back. I was firm that given the situation, the girl’s life, her security, was more important than anything else. Her stupid uncle, bursted on me saying that i had no right, it would have been better if the girl had died there itself. What a mentality. And we claim that we are in 21st Century. The girl’s father now realised that only i was by their sides and others had left the ship.

After around 15 days, the girl and her father came to my place, to discuss what could be done further, by now, i had consulted advocates and learn’t legal remedies. The girl and her parent’s came at around 10.45 in the night. After ten fifteen minutes the girl’s cell ranged. She was shaken to see the number, it was his husband’s number. The cell was ringing and the girl could not muster courage to pick the call as he was a foul mouthed person. Something crooked cooked in my brain that night, all of a sudden, may be it was plain street smartness, I told the girl’s father to pick the call and just ask the guy to call me on my number. The guy did so, as he had to vent his frustration and anger on me, as he knew that i took the girl away. He did so, all i did was record the entire call on my cell. In the call the boy said that rest sure, he would kill the girl the day she returned back. That was good enough an evidence and i gave a good evil grin. The girl’s dad did not understand, the girl was dumb enough anyways.

I told the girl’s dad to keep cool, and let the boy’s side take initiative. Some days passed, and the boy’s maternal uncle, a politician from interior maharashtra came calling. The girl’s dad ranged me up and asked me to come to his place.

To describe the girl’s dad, he is a simple man, and suffers from inferiority complex, he is a shy man and rarely opens up discussion with anybody. He is overawed by the girl’s in-laws.

So i went to the girl’s place, the uncle beseated like a politician opened up the debate and started lecturing intervened with veiled threats of how he had settled even murder cases and how he knew biggies in the city. I listened very patiently to the lecture of the guy. The guy had came forewarned about me, so he did his best to ignore me, atleast tried to show that i was nobody. I understood his ploy and just took my time.

After he summed up, how the girl was wrong, and how she should go back and apologize the guy. In a very polite tone, i said that i had to submit something, rather show the other side of the story to him. This was the first sentence anybody had uttered in front of him. The guy almost reluctantly told me to proceed. I switched on the taped conversation and put on the loudspeaker so that all those present in the room could listen. After the tape ended, there was an imposed silence in the room. The color of the man faded, his tone less dominant. I told him this is the other side of the boy that you are not aware, are you aware that the guy drinks and other vices he had. The man was humbled a lot. I told him that i was going to police station if the matter is not resolved amicably. The man by now had eaten a humble pie. He profusely apologized on behalf of the boy and promised that he would ensure that the guy would never ever behave badly with the girl. He gave his mobile number to me and asked me to send the girl back to her in-laws and in case if anything went wrong i should dial the number to the guy before approaching police.

The man went back and took the entire family to task. He mentioned about the recorded tape. The family took the matter seriously. Only that they started hating me even more after that incident. But, it never mattered.

The girl is now well settled, they have a sweet little girl. And they are now a happy couple. Atleast, I am told so.

But for the street smartness on that day, the girl might have lost her family forever. No, nobody gives me credit for this, but, i never yearned for that anyways..




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One thought on “Being Street Smart..”

  1. I will give you credit for being the wise and thinking man not only on that day, but through the entirety of the event. Of all the people involved, it appears you are the only one who acted with intelligence and heart, and you reached out to this girl and couple and their families when it was not required of you. This is in our opinion a powerful and manly thing, and the right thing, and a courageous thing. For that and this story you have earned our admiration. We like ‘meeting’ a real man, a true man. We pity the father in that story; he sounds as though he has been or was beaten down in his life. As for the uncertain couple: we shall hope that the peace lasts.

    Tell them that at least someone here – on the other side of the world – hopes that they can get along – and has a tender spot in his heart for them. All of them.

    Jeff, et all, & Crew

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