Wants are unlimited – Lesson Learnt well…












Those were very simple days, when you really did not required any electronic gadgetry to remember the phone numbers or addresses of your friends and pals.  A small pocket sized diary with neatly entered contact numbers alphabetically would solve your purpose. A calculator was all that we craved for during our college days. Mobile phones, ipods, ipads, androids and smartphones were the terms not used then. The first generation mobile phone that we saw in the market in the early nineties was like a wireless walky talky set with a large antenna protruding dangerously outside, many a times to the discomfort of others.

The pager or the text messaging services, with a small matchbox sized module, vanished as quickly as it came, i guess it had a life of about 2-3 years. The owners would feel a sense of pride everytime, they the pager beeped. We, friends were in our colleges, and our past time would be pester friends who had pager with them. A call to the call center guy to send a message with instruction to send the message twice was a routine past time then. The recipient friend, whenever, he would meet would give some angry looks quantifying the magnitude to which he was hassled. But the beep of the pager gave way to the mobile phones.

I longed for my mobile phone, quite a bit, and it was one such pesky advertisement call on my landline phone, that ensured that i would book the mobile phone, the offer made was so appealing that i could but not resist. My phone, the first one was nothing special to mention, just a basic phone. But, boy, didnt i like it then. It was a motorola model. And i used it for quite sometime and i felt satiated and felt that my search for a good phone had ended,

Until i got my LG color phone with good camera and multimedia.  All of a sudden, my old motorola phone started looking a bit older, and today it is nowhere to be seen, I switched my loyalties to this new phone and was all praises for this phone.  It had lovely music, a good handy camera to boast. I felt that may be first time i was wrong, but my search for a good mobile indeed ended here.

I was caught on wrong foot however, when the markets filled with touchscreen phones and suddenly i found that using my LG phone troublesome, my fingers started itching a bit more while typing smses, perphaps it itched for a new touchscreen. My LG phone was just  8-10 months old and i had no strong alibi to purchase a new phone. So as a shortcut and a short term remedy, i got a cheap chinese touchscreen phone just for fun, used it for a while, and finally got my touchscreen phone, a classy model, a costly phone, with rich multimedia, a 3.5 mp camera with flash and all i needed. It was a Java phone and yes, finally i felt that i did not need a new phone anymore. I went to many trekks and trips and used this phone for getting crispy crystal clear pictures and it worked marvellously. I could access internet, listen to songs, record videos and play games, it was gravity sensitive mobile and could play shake games. So i was all but happy with the phone.

Then suddenly, the market got flooded with android phones, the new operating system installed in mobiles by internet giant, google. One could see the whole market flooded with android phones and stuff android market offered. It had solution to just everything, you could use your phone as your mini laptop, it had word, it had ms office, it had games, it had rich media contents and just everything once could crave for. Suddenly, my java phone looked like it belonged to stone age and so i had no other option but to get my android phone.  I got one, am using it right now and like everytime i feel and hope that this will be my best phone ever. It has just everything, it has google maps, travel guide, speedometer, temperature teller, barcode reader, office softwares, games, music and all that sony can squeeze in this little wonder. So i feel that my hunt for my best phone is over. But i know, i am wrong. For records this is my seventh phone in around three years.

The technology keeps on changing and we keep on craving for newer ones, its just human to do so, but, in the process, we suffer from bouts of frustrations when we are unable to achieve what we set out for, we simply miss out simple joys of lives and make our life a bit more complicated. Life is  simple,  but we complicate it just like most of you, i am sure,  will do in the sum below.

Try to solve it without calculator and do not scroll the mouse below.

if 1=5




5= ??

Ans : If 1=5, 5 should be equal to one. Lets make our lives a bit simpler friends 🙂 I will begin with myself 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Wants are unlimited – Lesson Learnt well…”

  1. We have resisted getting a phone – a cellphone, that is – ever since we lost our last one in July. It was the basic model – “AT&T GoPhone” pay as you go. But . . . we saw the Android . . . and drooled . . .

    But we realized . . .
    once you get it, it’s like bad drugs. You are hooked. You get interdependent – you must pay the phone bills . . . the phone cannot live without you – you cannot live without the phone . . . it goes on and on as the technology accelerates …

    My son lost his phone a few years ago. Looking most frantically around for it, he exclaimed: “That’s my LIFE in there!” – as though he was non-existent, and the phone was all he could be . . . that phone, that cheap gadget – was his LIFE and his Existence. . .

    oh well. (sigh)

    They tell me to buy CFC bulbs to save energy. I buy them. They aren’t cheap but will pay off in seven years. But now (three years later) they tell me: “No! CFC bulbs are bad for the environment and we have THESE – now new wholly efficient LED bulbs! Buy THOSE and save thirty dollars a year . . .”

    But wait. I have not yet realized the savings on those first few bulbs – and now you are telling me to replace them???!!! (shock and horror, little gasps, fists before mouth)

    🙂 And so . . . we have not bought those LED bulbs, nor we will go out there and buy us a new ‘smart phone’. We have an old landline that works just well, though a AT&T cheap go-phone would be good for on the road and in emergancies . . . however the new phones?

    We don’t want to get hooked.
    As we say in America to drugs: “Just Say ‘NO!’ “, LOL!

    (and PS: enjoy your new phone!)

  2. PS: We got it, and did not do the math (we are lazy when it comes to numbers) – and immediately realized when we saw “5=?” that what we have here is if a=b, then b must = a every time, LOL! But good one, though!

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