Passionate Search

Sometimes, it so happens with you, it happens with me atleast, that some old tune, some old scent, just keeps lingering back of your mind, and when you remember that thing, the entire cycle of events connected with that particular thing keeps rotating in front of you. Something similar happens with me, albeit, quite frequently, i guess. There are many a tunes, jingles that remembers me of some old memories associated with those things.
One such thing thing that had literally pestered me for quite a few years now is an old marathi song. A song that i liked so much, when i was a small school going kid. Our school then, assembled at 07.15 in the morning and we would have to leave our house at around 06.50 am. So, reluctantly though, i had to get up by 06.00 in the morning those days. And as any lazy kid, i would yearn to sleep for those extra few minutes. Those days devotional songs used to play on radio. I am not aware of the scene today, as i guess radio now is nearly out of fashion. And this particular song used to be the flavor of the season then, and almost routinely at around 05.50 in the morning this song used to play. By the time the song ended, i had to get up. Somewhat reluctantly, but when this song used to start, i used to feel to have the luxury of lazying around for atleast 5-6 minutes more.  Soon the song became an habit.  Quite surprisingly during my years of growth, i somehow lost track of the some, the song too faded into oblivion.
All of a sudden, as if old memories got a new lease, i started remembering the words of that song, the tune etc. Like a fumbling kid, recollecting tables, i somehow, was able to remember one stanza of the song. So i thought of searching for the song. First visited some CD Shops, but nobody could provide me the needed relief. I mass mailed my friends to help me find the song, i even posted the same on Facebook. But what i got in return was mails from friends that they have not heard of such a song. Then i thought, Internet could help. My problem was that the stanza was somewhere in between the song, and i had forgotten the beginning lines, I am not a music buff to remember the musician, singer etc. I googled the stanza and found n number of result thrown up on my screen, only to my discomfort. Somehow, but, i was able to know that the song was sung by Suresh Wadkar. Then i scrambled through list of songs sung by this great singer. But, he was a versatile singer and he sung in many Indian Languages and there were hundreds of songs. Somehow, my gut feeling helped me, i was able to zero in on one movie title, i was damn sure that the song belonged to that movie.
Now, that i got the singer’s name and movie name, i renewed my efforts to find the song. In the search i got the entire lyrics of the song and was sure that the elusive song that had hidden down the layers of memory and from the material and virtual world as well, was now not that elusive for me.
With renewed vigour and continuous backup, i tumbled through huge maze of data thrown up on google. Links that would guide me to number of music sites, some real, some fake ones, some full with virus and spywares, some sites hackers jobwork. Some were mere advertising portals. My experience of internet helped me to sift through the piles of sites.
All of a sudden, one fine evening to my amazement, i finally found the song!!!! And what a joy it was, the joy was doubled, doubled because i found the song which was till now elusive for me. Secondly, my efforts over Internet paid off.
That day and for few days thereafter, like a fool, i listened and listened to the song unabated. Sometimes, my likeness for these small stupid things are looked upon by my peers as sheer stupidity. But, its my own way, i feel bothered by petty things in life.  Even I too feel the futility of my efforts, but the journey, the impatience, the joy at the end of it belittles everything else.
I am happy with the song that i am relishing upon nowadays, and till it goes in the oblivion once more time, i shall continue enjoying it.

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3 thoughts on “Passionate Search”

  1. “I am happy with the song.” Part of that no doubt lays in the successful conclusion of a very difficult search. But in truth the goal in life is be happy; do not care what others think about you, for they will become jealous when they see the look of happiness upon your face – and having none, they will want yours, and not being able to get that thing, they will besmirch or smear your source of happiness with their perceptions – perceptions which do not make THEM any happier. Usually they seek to drag someone down in order to elevate themselves in their own eyes – but it does not work. It does not change their station. And in being unable to imitate you and be happy, they become unhappy in themselves. Do not let it affect you – your happiness is your own, theirs to share or not – and let them share it if they will, or let them subscribe like stubborn human beings code which is makes them unhappy.

    Behave as a child – take joy in our world and it’s things – even a child’s things. Remember the good times and bad. Celebrate who your are – love who you have been . . .
    nothing wrong in that.
    Nothing at all.
    Be happy. Keep smiling. And keep on playing that song.

    good luck.
    We’re all together on this journey
    and may the gods smile upon us.

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