I should not have written this article…

(Please read this article as a prelude, so that the entire story becomes clear)

Frankly, I should not have written this article. I would have been more at peace, had i not written this one. Sometimes, we think that the story ended happily. Sometimes, we think that we have seen the entire act, and begin to quit the scene, before the more intense act begins, the story turns from climax to anticlimax. Something similar happened last saturday.

For starters, this is a real tale of the girl and her husband, the girl 27 years old and her husband in early thirties. Their marriage, though a love marriage,  was not a fairy tale, for the boy’s parents were bit hesitant to accept the girl. Somehow, they relented the boy’s choice. After marriage, after initial romantic days, the cracks started appearing in the couple and the boy would come back home in a drunken state and beat up his wife and quarrels and squabbles became almost a routine for the girl.

Their marriage deteriorated to such a stage that we had to seek the consultations with a lawyer. Somehow, we were able to save the marriage. Thanks to some quick thinking and some bold decisions taken. (Read the entire tale here).

The boy got transferred to Chennai, took his wife with him, and they gave birth to a girl child. All were elated, elated, for the arrival of the little guest, for the fact that finally all was quite well, and our efforts finally paid off. They named the girl “Pari” (which translated into a “Fairy” ). Yes this little angel had changed the father quite a lot, he had partially given up his drinking habits, now he drank, but was not on regular basis.

So last month, when the girl, visited Mumbai, and visited my place, i could see the tinge of contentment in her eyes, she spared no words to thank me for my role in ensuring that her marriage did not failed. She left my house saying that she was having a good and happy life now. Those word somewhere pleaded me no ends, for it was first time that i had indulged myself into resolving any issues.  I was 36 and had no role in such issues limited to elders, i thought. But, i was happy, happy for the girl, wished her all the best and thought all was really hunky dory now.

It was a nondescript Saturday last week and i was just lazying around on facebook, when i saw my cell blinking, it was on silent mode, usually i miss out on receiving calls, especially when the   cell is on silent, but since the cell was in front of monitor, i took the call, though reluctantly. The number was unknown and i thought that it would be of some person inquiring about some programmes relating to the social group with which i am connected with.  The lady on the other side in a shocked state called and introduced her to be the aunty of the girl, she said, the boy died!!!!

I was shocked, the word shocked is a gross injustice to explain the state that i was that night, i was shivering down my spines and i could not understand how to react, the lady hastily cut the call and asked me to reach the girl’s parent’s place, which was near my house.  The girl was far off at 1031 kms away with a small girl of 11 months and her husband who was dead now.  I did not understand what exactly to do, what could i have done anyways, does death leaves you with any alternatives? None!!  I experienced similar helplessness, when my dad expired some sixteen years ago. The same state of mind i was when i reached to their place. I heard nothing but just wailing of her mother and father, tears ran like flood that night, the neighbours collected and trying to console the parents in their own way, but inertly just everybody were shocked.

That night was the longest and nobody had sense whether one eat or slept.  The boy’s relatives rushed to Chennai to claim the body. When we were able to finally get in touch with the relatives when they reached Chennai, we could get the stock of what happened that fateful afternoon. And what we heard only added to our sorrows.

After two long years of stay in Chennai, the boy had got his requested posting in Mumbai, in his backdoors and he was elated from the moment, he heard the news. That morning he received sendoff from his office and the office car was to arrive at 3 pm to drop them at airport for a Mumbai flight at 5.30.

The boy was very happy, for he could have connected back with his parents, his family, his childhood buddies, he had packed his baggages and was waiting desperately for the car to arrive. The car arrived at 3 pm and the boy rushed and kept one of the luggage in the car, he scampered back to the second floor to pick the second bag, when he felt uneasy and he just collapsed down and began his eternal journey. The wife was unaware, when he came out of the kitchen she saw him in that state, she called the driver of the car for help, he put the boy in the car and rushed him to the hospital, where he was declared “dead before admission”. All was end, the girl skipped into shell, it was too big a blow for this 27 years old girl, who had never seen such a thing before in her life. When she finally came back to her senses it was around 8.30 pm in the night. The poor boy died of overjoy, it seems..

The procedure and paperwork took too long, and the body was brought to Mumbai at late night of sunday. The body was finally creamated on monday.

The boy led a very fast life, the pressures of modern life, tight schedules, meeting targets, uneven working hours, eating habits, everything did him in. Till then i only read about the pressures of modern life, but, today, i was experiencing it first hand. And it was a very bad experience.

Somewhere, deep down, i felt very bad, bad that our efforts failed, fate afterall had last laugh…. I would have always thought that the girl afterall led a happy life after all the struggle she faced in her marital life. But, something even more worse was in store of this innocent girl.

Today, i will not end this article, as i really dont know what is installed further for the protagonist of this article. Only hope that something better is installed for the poor soul.

RIP for the Boy,

Caution for all my friends, who believe in fast & furious form of life, for the more faster you are the more sooner you reach your grave, i now believe.

Story to be completed… by fate, that is..


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4 thoughts on “I should not have written this article…”

  1. A strange tale and a sad tale, for it sounds like the beginning of their marriage was a storm, and I remember you held doubts as to their future happiness. (“Their’s was a tale of roses & brickbats, more brickbats than roses though”) and “i pitied the (girl’s) choice … and was sure that the girl would have a tough time, had she not married him, but would have even more tougher a time had she married him.” – which she did.

    “The guy was a waste, to say the least” – and yet it appears he must have “gotten his act together” (as we say in the United States).

    I tend to look at deaths for a reason. In my opinion, death is to teach us not to hold too tightly; to learn all is transient, nothing lasts – and as such we MUST learn to enjoy the “now” and the moment we are in – for there are no warranty for tomorrow – not for us, not for our friends, not for our loved ones.

    Poor girl; now with a child. But she has hard lessons to learn – and while one door has closed, separating her from her husband, another has opened onto another, different (and doubtlessly difficult to start) life. I do not know your customs; I hope the girl’s family and the boy’s family will step forward to provide shelter, food, and money. The girl may have to go to work (not an uncommon thing here in the US – we ALL work for the most part).

    And you are correct in your conclusion. Too many people greedy for things tomorrow put off their happiness for today; they see only what they do not have and what they can get, and so they ignore today to the loss of their own happiness. My brother is such a one. He will be the unhappiest – and richest – man in the graveyard. As for me, I care for little; have learned that today is the most important day of your life, and do not worry too much about things and people and tomorrow. Those things will come on their own; people muddle through – life goes on. To slow down – stop worry, not let the world push you too rapidly into the grave – to learn to enjoy a flower growing in a crack in a street, or the skies above the arcing power lines – that is where joy lays. Not in a new TV or car or appointed luxury. As your religious elders have known for many many centuries.

    I am glad you posted this tale, and hope that you will keep us informed on the girl’s progress. She will recover, she will heal (time heals all wounds, they say). She will have a life and go on with her life. I just hope that you can be there to help guide her from her sadness into the light and to realize this is not the end – it is merely a new beginning.

    From one friend to another to give to another,
    Jeff, et all, and Friends

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