India Changing – Is It ?

My sincere apologies to all and one for being away from blogging for too long, being busy would seem far too lame an excuse, but as things stood, twenty four hours a day seemed too little a time. Saturdays and Sundays were no different either. Touring and travelling made things even worst. My Office schedule coupled with other obligations ensured that i stay away from social networking and blogging, for quite some time now.

During this period of about a month or so, i happened to meet one Spaniard. A simple Spanish guy named Robert who worked with one of my friend who has a well settled business. During our schooling days we read quite a many tales from Spain, the spanish people their attire etc in our english lessons. The stories were mostly of medieval period. This was the first time, i happened to meet a Spanish guy. After some formal introduction and hand shakes the man started narrating his experiences about India. Nobody asked him to do so, but may be to open up the discussion, the man might have picked up thread. He spoke in high terms about India. What he said was nothing new. But he did gave an outsider’s view, about how they feel about this country. He said, and i remember, that, India for a new foreigner seems very complex, very confusing place. But it is not so, it is a land of opportunity, only a person should know how to reap the benefits. The younger generation has huge potentials, we on the other side of the globe, especially in Spain are now not like before, we are going downwards, he said, expressing with his right thumb downwards. His talks were smoothly laced with body language, hand and sign language, which looked very unique. We discussed various topics, and then he went for another briefing, promising to meet up again.

While returning back, i said to myself, all the effervescent and glowing tributes the man paid to our country may be just because he wanted to impress us. I discarded the story, saying to myself that the person has not experienced the real pain the country and its deprived class of people are undergoing. Hence, i thought that there was no material in the story of growth, of optimism, with usual style of an skepticism, assured in mind that nothing will change, and everything is going down the drain.

Just a couple of days later, i happened to visit a company of a first generation entrepreneur. A farmer turned entrepreneur. This gentleman today runs a 100% export oriented unit selling his farm products to almost all parts of the globe. The man, who is not more than 45 years old was a farmer not so long ago. He was a agriculture science graduate. With penchant to do something different. He started producing farm products on cooperative basis. He involved the farmers in the neighbouring area and started contractual farming. The farmers got assured value for their farm output. The man got the raw material. He purchases corns, baby corns, processes them and exports them. Today this farmer turned entrepreneur is giving employment to around 400 women from the area.

I was forced to do rethink on my skepticism, skepticism that is forced on us, by regular doses of news and stories from print and visual media, stories of scams, of loot, of negativity. Somewhere, this had created a sense of despondency in me too and i thought that nothing would change. But the visit to this farm and the company, coupled with the experience of Robert, has somehow forced me to view the things in other perspective. May be a foreigner has got an independent view of things and his point of view is not as biased as ours.

Anyways, I guess and pray that the optimism given by Robert is correct and that my and our collective skepticism may fade away, sooner rather than later.


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4 thoughts on “India Changing – Is It ?”

  1. Hi Vijay

    Very well said

    The media is indeed infusing a whole lot of skeptism….We need to see the plus side for ourselves or use friends like Robert to give us an actual outside picture.

  2. When standing in a huge building that was built before you were born and to which you have never been outside – you stare out of the building’s window . . . but can you know what the building looks like? No; you are inside looking out; you cannot see it as others do.
    The Spanish person probably does not see what you do – they may be in the lobby; they have not seen the basement. And news is about reporting BAD news; very rare the good – for if it is good news, what are people to do? It is good. They only act when there is bad. So the bad news is printed. That is something which arouses people’s interest and condemnation; they can always point and say “I am not like that”. The same with countries. But those within know the real aggravations and problems . . . however, those without? They can open your eyes to the real wonders of your own land and give you the perspectives of outsiders. . .

    I had a chance to experience much the same last year traveling landmarks with a friend. We met many people from other countries. They all said the same thing: “How FREE it feels!” – and one from Norway mentioned how “open” it felt here in the USA – how he felt more relaxed, as though someone wasn’t watching him all the time. (This from Norway? I never knew). But – it made ME appreciate a feeling I have always taken for granted that he never knew – until he (and others) came here and told me about it.

    India is no doubt a complex land. It is a very ancient seat of civilization; a crossroads in trade; a marketplace for religion, theory, and all kinds of things. And like people, countries and politics change. The world is changing VERY rapidly now with the Internet . . . and as your farmer showed, those who are wise enough (and lucky enough) to make the investment can improve not just their situation, but the situation of those around them. . .

    A very interesting post – and one which I enjoyed. Thank you.

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