The Courier Wait

Sometimes, wait gives you joy, the joy associated with the anxiety, the expectations with it.  For some reasons though, i am not the one to favor waiting for something.  But over the last weekend, almost better part of the entire week, i had to wait, wait for that elusive courier parcel that I was to receive.

Not to complicate matters further, let me explain, it so happened that i was planning to purchase a newer android phone, the phone that i finally zeroed on was the ultimate one with 01 Ghz Processor, 01 GB of RAM, 02 GB of Internal Storage, Good Resolution Cameras with Flash and Android ICS 4.0.1 Version.  Almost making it to buy this smart phone, although I had one, the urge to get the latest version was childish.

So on 01st of October 2012, I took my Office friend to buy the phone, but, to my utter disappointment, the handset was out of stock everywhere.  The friend advised me to shop online.  I don’t like to shop online for some unknown fear of revealing financial details to unknown, unseen people.  Reluctantly though i agreed, reached back to office and ordered the handset on one reputed shopping site. The order was ‘confirmed’ and I started waiting for the order to be delivered.

For a shocker as it may have come, i had to rush to my native village with my family to attend last rites of my old bedridden aunty.  Luckily I had internet connectivity there to keep tab on my courier that was expected to reach, i had informed the company to drop the same with my neighbour.

After a week’s wait, when i reached back home, the first thing i did that early morning was to knock my neighbour’s door to inquire about my parcel.  She nodded, but negatively 😦  I felt like how come a company takes ten days to courier that parcel ?

At around 6.30 in the morning i logged in to check my mail, i had not checked my mails for a couple of days,  i felt bad to hear that the company had discontinued the product and cancel the delivery as the product was out of Stock!!!  I felt short changed, for atleast the company should have intimated well in advance,  i waited for almost ten days for the gift that was never going to come.

Not to be bogged by defeats, the nature that i got from my dad, I again scouted for the handset on other shopping sites and this time i zeroed in on another shopping site.  This too was a “reputed one”.

I got confirmation email and sms, shaken by earlier experience this time round, i was bit skeptic.  This company after three days intimated to me that the parcel was couriered and gave me the tracking code of the courier company.  I was happy, but held back, this time determined not to react till the handset was in my hand. The company gave daywise reporting. And Phew!!! after a couple of days, it informed that the mobile had reached their local facility in my district. This facility was about 45 minutes drive from my place. I felt exalted that saturday. They informed online that the courier was out for delivery!!

Like an impatient child, i waited on that saturday for the courier guy.  i calculated that even by conservative estimate, the courier would reach in four hours time.  I expected that it should reach me by 02.00 pm that saturday. The wait was getting more and more anxious, everytime the bell ranged that day, i would run to open the door only to find all kind of people other than that courier guy, the neighbours, salesmen, postman, my kids friends. I acted doorman that day.

Even waiting tires you down, and i decided to take afternoon nap. When i woke up it was almost 5.30 pm and the courier never came. I felt low, i tracked the site and it said courier out for delivery!!

I had a worry that If the delivery came on monday, this time it would be returned as there was nobody at my place and i had not instructed the company to hand it over to my neighbor. So reluctantly, I took day’s off. At around 10.00 am in the morning, i called up the courier company, the call centre lady said that she would have a word with local facility and update me and the local facility would also call up and deliver the parcel. So now after alongwith the wait for the courier guy, i had to wait for that telephone call. That day my cell phone was dead silent, even pesky telly callers did not disturbed me, let alone the courier company.

Now, my patience was giving up, at around 04.30 pm i shot off a strong email to the courier company, its head office and all the email ids that got. The funniest part was that the mail went from my account and my door bell ranged. I opened the door, the courier guy was there with that delivery.  I collected it, i was so thrilled that moment. Within few minutes i started receiving calls, i knew where it came from, from the STD Code, i did not bother to pick up the phone, for the company was now panic stricken as i had written that i would be reporting the matter to the shopping company as well. I justified my act saying that the company too deserves the anxiety that i suffered from all these days.

So here was my phone, in my hands, i played around with it, installed all the applications, games and did all kind of r&d.  I was happy.

Just when, i was retiring to bed that evening, i heard on news that a newer version of android was launched  😦

The joke that i overheard some days ago came flashing back. It was something like this.

The similarity between a wife and a mobile is that one always feels that had he waited a bit more, he could have got an even better model 🙂


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One thought on “The Courier Wait”

  1. One of the reasons I am doing my best to learn to be happy without things . . .
    Kinda figured with the delayed shipment it would be obsolete as soon as received. Usually happens that way. I think it’s called planned obsolescence – don’t release the new one until a newer one’s been made, LOL. Or at least on the drawing boards. This from a man without a cellphone. And I live in the USA.
    (yes, I am strange that way – but on the other hand … lose your phone, damage or misplace it – I’ve seen the grief they’ve made.)

    After my stepson said “My life is in that phone!” I decided not to get one. No matter how tempting they may be. I want my life to be me.
    For now, anyway.

    Loved the joke, BTW.

    Also wondering how long this is going to make you happy – and if it was worth all the trouble getting it. I rather suspect the online company had the same problem you had – none on hand and all sold out. You may have been able to get one at the market at about the same time you got one. Don’t know.

    Interesting post. Strengthens my resolve not to own one, LOL!

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