Yes, for ten long years i have been staying in my current house, which i bought, almost almost unwillingly, for at the age of 26, i already had my one house which i had bought at the age of 23 years.

I am sometimes forced to be a believer in fate. For in many a cases, things have turned out for good from most precarious situations.  And I did not do anything to make things happened, perhaps, i was bit more luckier, perhaps God smiled at me a bit wider.

It was the month of November or so of  year 2000. I had my first home and was planning to shift there any moment. So i had carried out all the interior work, the painting work etc.  I met my friend who had a transport service. I told him for shifting work of my belongings from my old house.

I felt irked that day, the friend told me to just wait for 15 days, as he was going to his native place. He told me that he would transfer all my things to the new house after he returns from his native place.  After looking back, i think, patience really pays, it paid in my case, and it paid always.

So, the dream of shifting to my own house was prolonged by yet another fortnight.  On one such boring afternoon, i visited one of my friend’s house. That visit changed things forever. My friend’s Dad almost in a teasing tone told me that there was a flat vacant in the other wing of his building and whether i would like to buy it.  The person was fully aware that I had already bought one house, and was paying EMI for the same.  Salaries of Government Servants those years were little bit more than peanuts.  He knew that, i could not afford buy another house.  I did not like the tone which was laced much with jealousy.  To retort, I said ok uncle done, i will buy the house. Call the owner next week for a meeting. I really did not mean what i said, and in almost lighter tone, to change the topic, i said. The topic closed. I left the house, a bit bruised, felt a bit insulted and bad.

After a couple of days, just when i was about to forget the incident, my landline ranged at 7.00 in the morning. The wife of the man called me and informed that the party has come for dealing. I asked what dealing? She said, the house which you wanted to buy. Now, i never knew that they would take it so seriously, and i really really did not know that the party had shifted to other part of India and would be travelling around 1800 kms scouting for a probably buyer for their house. I had no option but to go and meet them. I had no option but to say no to them, as it was next to impossible for me to buy the home in those financially messy situation. So, i went to their house, firmly deciding to bargain so lower that they would have no option but to reject the offer.

So, after formal introduction, handshakes and tea, the pricing factor came, and in almost cheeky tone i told that i cannot afford the cost and i cut the offer by around 30% flat i was dead sure that they wont relent to sell such a good home at so low a price. I said you decide and ring me in office, and i escaped.  Never knowing what was installed in futre.

At around 3.00 pm in the afternoon, my office phone ranged and the guy told that the party was for a deal. He required money urgently as he had to pay the same for Medical Seat of his Son.  I almost trembled hearing the answer in positive that afternoon. More was to follow, he told to carry token amount to be paid to the party.  I was carrying not more than Rs.5oo/- that day.

As i look back, i really wonder who showed me the way, i had no one  to lean, no god father, no guide, no philosopher, perhaps, i had God by my side, he showed me the right way.  I called up my friend and told him that i required Rs.10,000/- urgently.  The noble hearted guy did not question me and asked me to collect from his younger brother in the evening.

So now, the token money was collected, just a smallest fraction. I wondered how i could have managed such a huge fund in about 15 days time. Yes back in 2000 the amount i paid was indeed huge.

As luck would have it, and as God desired, the next morning, i was standing on railway platform,  waiting for train, when i happened to read one advertisement of a new housing loan company with very lesser paper work. I jotted down the number on my palm. After reaching the Office i called them and met the same evening.

And yes, after some hiccups, some lengthy paperwork, i got my home. The home which i never wanted.  But, is today my home sweet home, my home where i married, i settled, my kid was born and my family life began.

All this happened in the most theatrical manner and there is no piece of exaggeration here.  After 15 days when the transporter came he found my home locked and the neighbors informed that i had shifted to new home just few blocks away. He too was taken by surprise.

A bit of pinch remained though, i had to sell off my first home, as i could not manage two big EMIs with the limited resources i had then. But, by God’s grace the appreciation that I got for my current home negated all the losses.

Anyways, when it matters to take decision, i have always found my heart more active than my brain and i end up taking decisions by my heart, for worldly people it may sound totally uneconomic, but for me it gives me happiness and joy and then there is one big friend by my side always to help me tide. The one who is with me and looks at me all the time from above.


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