Three Stories..

Three Stories with one common thread line woven in between them, a ghost or an angel nobody knows. The people who related stories to me are known people to me and it is not as if the tales that they told me were fake stories, they vouched by it. Here goes the stories that they told me. A couple of the stories that are embedded in myself are decades old.

The first story was told by my dad. No he never lied. He was a young man in early 1940s and accompanied his newly wed sister to her in-laws. Those were the days when rural India, and for that matter urban India was not so modern. The village where the sister was married off was cut off from roads and the only means to reach the place was by walking for hours. 

On his way back, it was evening time, and my dad was walking all alone, he somehow missed the route and waylaid. He was worried as it was growing dark and there was nobody around him on that long stretch of countryside road. The eerie silence on the route was deafening then. Almost, to his reprieve my dad saw a man coming from behind him. Dad waited for him, greeted him and asked him the route to his village. The man said he too was going the same route and both walked. They talked for quite a while and as the village neared and my dad breathed sigh of relief that he was now in known terrain, the man said now he has to go, just before my dad to ask him the man disappeared in thin air. On that long stretch of road on that plateau there was no way a person could have hid himself somewhere. Dad was scared to the hilt and walked away even faster to his place. He could however not guess who the person was.

The second story was told by my Boss. A religious man. Atleast he feigns so. He happened to visit a religious place in Kolhapur in his childhood days. A river was flowing near the temple and he slipped into it, only to find one that one holy man hold his hand and bring him out of the water. He was still wet and shivering when his parents and relatives came searching for him. When they asked him how he was wet, he told that he had accidentally fallen in the river and the holy man brought him outside. This had happened just few minutes before, the parents and the relatives looked all over the deserted bank of the river that day to find just nobody around. Who was the holy man who brought the young boy outside was an unanswered question. Remarkably, The description of the holy man by the boy then matched with the reigning deity in the temple whom the family had come to visit.

The third story that I heard was just a few days ago, this time my family doctor told me the story, he is a hobbyist trekker and a religious man. Our area of interest was common and the jungles of Bhimashankar in Maharashtra was our weakness. That rainy evening, when there was no rush in his clinic, we were chatting and the Doctor told one story,  some years ago, he and his wife went to the jungles of Bhimashankar, and while returning back the lost their way, the climate in the jungles of Bhimashankar, there was mist all around, and the Doctor was worried a lot. He decided to look out for somebody to arrive so that he could get the directions. Soon he saw an old man approaching, the Doctor inquired about the directions, the man showed him how to go, the Doctor thanked him and moved ahead, he could have walked five six steps and turned back only to find the man who showed him the route nowhere around. He too did the disappearing act.

These stories are no fig of imagination and these are just representative examples, one can find many such unexplained events happening all around. What could these forces be? Were the people who appeared and helped the people in trouble good souls ? angels ? or just the inner consciousness of the person that made up the whole scene? was that ghost sighting? what was it.

No, I don’t have answers for these questions. You are welcome to answer those though.


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