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Since I am unable to keep in pace with my blogging habits, at times i,  try to quit this habit of blogging. Like a chronic smoker pledging and quitting his habit many a times over and over again, so do i. Blogging, though is not a bad habit thankfully. The articles that I pen, or have penned in the past, are all real life characters and some incidents so occur, which may be worth ignoring for others provide me that needed inspiration to write a post. So, in a way, i am never short of stories and characters.

After many a days, i was free today, being a weekend had a much needed break this saturday, had nothing worthwhile to do, but to attend one function in my kids school, in a renknowned school which had just completed 25 years of its existence. So it was a Silver Jubilee Celebrations and the school had invited all its students and either of the parent, weird sounded the invitation for it invited either mummy or daddy. Given the fact that the school had a huge ground, it could have invited both. But, do schools really bother.

We reached in time and the programme was to start at 5.30 pm. By Indian Standards, the programme began well in time by around 6.00 pm. One famous film director was invited as the chief guest. The entire glitterati of people who were with the school for last quarter of a century, the ex principals, trustees etc were invited. Each one were felicitated. It was becoming quite boring by this felicitation and self promotion. Each and every speaker doled only about the hardwork of the Founders, the visionary Management, the Principals, Teachers, Students  and other staff. A cursory mention of parents here and there was also done. But it scored the total approach of the school towards the parents, i started justifying the arbitratory methods of the school while suddenly raising fees in successions, almost forcefully collecting the fees of six months in advance and what not. In fact, last year i was amazed when the school sent some offers to subscribe some daily newspaper at discounted rates. Was the school meant for imparting values, education or selling newspapers and doing other commercial stuff.

I was getting quite bored by 6.30 and was planning to leave the function, but, it would have looked rude and so i sat, took out my mobile, surfed net and read some online articles, meanwhile, my kid sitting besides me was not concerned about what was going on the stage, he was busy chatting with his friends who were sitting along with him.  Just some comic relief came not from the front i.e. from the stage or the speakers, but from the group of three four ladies sitting just behind me. My kid told me that those were school teachers. From their conversation it sounded that they were not assigned good duties in the programme and they were feeling hurt, they were almost criticizing the other teachers and non teaching staff who were assigned good work in the function, especially those teachers and female staff who were on the stage. One of the teacher who sounded a south indian from her typical accent was more vocal and she did not let her anguish, anguish i guess is not the proper word to describe their state, it was pure jealously, the way they described the teachers and non teaching staff on the stage was belittling of being in a noble profession. No wonder my kid and his friends were unfazed and were chatting and laughing and making all kind of noises sitting just in front of three four teachers. I remembered my days as a kid, our heartbeats would rise seeing a teacher, even if the teacher was of other class. The respect the teachers commanded was equivalent to their public demeanor. I dont claim that all was well in those days, but, issues never cropped out of teachers room those days.  I felt very bad at the kind and quality of teachers that were making the future of my kid.

The chief guest, a film director, was successful in bringing back my attention to the front rows and he provided that much needed respite from the politicking teachers sitting behind. The cultural programme that followed after that and the singing performances and especially by some of the teachers was good.

All in all i returned back at 8.30 pm feeling more responsible, thinking that i could not rely on the teachers, it was more our duty as parents to carve him than to rely on the teachers who were at odds with one another.


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