The Over Head Supply

Today when i was recoiling back to my home from Office, while travelling in jam packed train, somehow i found peace with myself, even in the Mumbai’s peak hour rush, i found solitude amongst hundreds of unknown weary faces. Normally, I let the  bird of imagination wander free, breaking all the paradigms, this gives fresh ideas and helps in out of the box thinking in me, Atleast, i believe so.

So my thoughts were wandering from daily chores, family issues, financial planning, office politics, social upheavals and what not. The train almost tried to match its speed with the thoughts in me, it seemed. It was drizzling outside, not the kind of downpour, we Mumbaikars are attuned to. But the drizzle was enough to make you wet.  We had crossed half the journey and incidentally the pentograph, the electrical equipment which carries electricity to railway engine to make it run made some unusual noises. There were sparks and it seemed that the overhead wire got frictioned causing the sparks. It was nothing unusual, as it happens sometimes during monsoon. 

All the travellers after some inquisite inquiries once again settled into their own. Somehow, I drew one strange parallel, between the railways running and our lives. 

Is’nt it quite similar that the train draws its powers from the overhead power cable it draws from pentograph and the train zooms pasts many stations without making halt arrogantly, like a person full with ego. But, the moment the power the train draws from up above, stops, does the train not comes to a dead halt, can it be revived without the power from the overhead wire. 

Is’nt it quite similar that we humans, draw the energy from the almighty, we fashion ourselves, fend ourselves, fill our body and soul with ego conveniently ignoring that we like the train too are drawing the power from up above. The moment the supply halts, we reach a dead end. Don’t we ?


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