Again new beginning…

​Phew!! its been more than a year that I have written anything on my blog. It was not by design though. I am into my early forties now and the last thirty nine years was equal to one year that i faced the last one​. My ups and downs never experienced before took place in a single shot, Like waves, good news followed by bad news followed the entire year.

Some ten years ago, some like minded people met on internet, looking at the hindsight, i wonder whether i used the word like minded. But, yes, they showed, atleast overtly, the zeal to do something good for the Society. A yahoo group was formed, which got good response, buoyed by this Internet popularity a decision was taken to convert this into a realistic movement and a non governmental organisation was formed. I witnessed all this as i was one of the person involved in this all.

Soon, people from varied fields joined this ngo, unfortunately, they came with their bloated massive ego with them. They sought cosy posts, wanted powers, desisted responsibilities. When questioned they took it personally and the cracks started appearing thick and fast in this budding group. I faced massive brunt of attack, being the secretary of the ngo. Soon, it was realized that the entroupe which had assembled had no long term vision, most of them were for photo ops and would show off their pictures on facebook. The group was destined to die a painful death and so it did. People who proudly call it as founders wandered away their responsibility and the skirmishes and blame game, pointing of fingers all took place.

Deep inside, on the very first day of the meeting in 2006, i had somehow selected my area of work, the area where i could work, with the kind of little experience i had. I chose self employment and self help group activity. Most of the activities conducted under the aegis of this ngo were related to self employment and women empowerment sector. The death of this ngo led question mark over future of the activities that i was doing with reasonable amount of success.

Thankfully, never die spirit in me helped, i persisted and kept working on my strong points. A new beginning was made, errors done during our first stint were carefully studied and overcome and the activities were carried.

08th of March 2015 marks as a day of reckoning. The project that i was planning to do. I had proposed some years ago which was resisted on all and sundry basis by people who did not have an iota of idea.

The programme was conducted very well and when it was my turn to address the gathering, ten years rushed past by eyes and i turned to my friend who was sitting on the dias and just said ten years of wait and the friend realised what i meant to say. He nodded his head in agreement.

Looking back i feel that i have lost ten precious years of my life. But, i learn’t a lot, i used those years to develop myself, to evolve and to take the challenges. I thank all my friends who opposed me tooth and nails and who left no chances to oppose me for the sake of opposing.

Incidentally, one of my friends who was my staunch critic at my back and a good friend on my face wrote a mail and mass mailed it to just everyone in his “friend” circle. He had attended one more seminar somewhere, where he was told to search for his own uniqueness. Perhaps, failing to find any, he mailed to friends for suggestions as to what exactly was special in him. I said to myself, phew… atlast i am away from such stuff now.


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