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Nowadays, i don’t require to work on the topic when i have to go for some lectures on self help groups. A wrong kind of confidence perhaps was seeping in me. So, i did no special preparation for this occasion too. I was briefed that there would be a small gathering of 15-20 people who are interested in forming a new self help group. So, i  took it casually, to my fault though.

When i reached there there was a small crowd of about 25 people. I was given to understand that the programme was organised by one Teacher’s Training Institute. The head of this Institute had come to our programme on 08th March, 2015. So, the group was basically an assembly of Teachers. And today I had to be their Teacher !!

Teaching always was, and, still is a noble profession. I respect teachers and my respect is from depth of my heart. I somehow countered the occasion and interacted with the group. The session was for two hours but it lasted well beyond that nearly for three hours.

The teachers in the beginning seemed very rigid and stiff, slowly, opened up, they explained me the other side of their profession. Normally, parents always complain that teachers these days are not good. But, when i heard the woes of the teachers, i found that parents too should share the blame. One teacher nicely summed up, she said these days the kids are over pampered, they don’t respect the teachers, in fact, we nowadays, worry while entering the classroom.

It truly is, those were the days in the 80’s, when my mother used to visit teacher to know about my progress. She would say to the teacher to beat me up if i do not study properly. I would return home with my mother red faced and would not talk with her for sometime for providing licence to beat to my teacher. Gone are those days now, said a teacher, a small scratch on the child’s body can lead to the arrest of the teacher she said. She was right. I do not advocate beating up the pupils, its inhumane, i as a child disliked it, remember it even today. But, some kind of fear factor must be there for the child. Too much freedom leads one nowhere.

Unfortunately, i found the teachers were good in their own subjects, but they were lost in time warp. They were not in tune with present times or happening. No, they all were wearing modern clothes and accessories. But, they had not updated themselves to keep in pace with current developments. I very frankly said during one such discussion with this group that you have to upgrade yourself. Kids of this generation are fed with iPads and smart phones they are more aware of happening around us. If they find that their teacher is found wanting, that will be the moment when the student will start looking down upon you. The teachers agreed in unison. Perhaps, realizing the fact that they indeed were not in tune with time.


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