Did you find your Needle ?


Fables and Folklore has always played a crucial role in preservation and continuation of our culture. I always believed that ours is a country of story telling people. We as child grew on the laps of our grandma or our parents who would tell stories from histories, mythologies or other stories. Each of these stories had an underlying moral hidden, if one cared to find. I firmly believe that these stories, fables and folklore that have traversed several generations and centuries must be manuscripted, preserved and made available for our future generation, for the new generation is fast losing touch with our culture.

I am a prolific reader and nowadays my cell with library full of ebooks provide me enough fodder to keep myself busy. One such story i came across which kept on lingering inside me for many a weeks now. The story goes like this :

An Old lady who had no one with her in her old days, was forced to live all by herself in her old thatched hut. Those days having electricity in your dwelling was a luxury and it was beyond the realms of imagination to have electricity in her hut for this old lady. So, she had to live by herself with an old lamp which was also nearing its end like its owner.

One evening the lady was sewing her old torn clothes with a needle and a thread in her hand. Her eyesight had long ago stopped providing her support, so with the very faint eyesight in the dimly lit room she somehow, after many a failed attempts succeeded in putting the thread in the needle. Years of experience had made her expert. She was sewing the clothes when, like an impish toddler the needle revolted and broke free from the thread. It fell down somewhere on the cow dung plastered mud ground. The lady tried her best to search the needle but could not find it. But, the lady did not give up and persisted. As it happens in our closely knit Indian Society, a neighbour came calling to inquire about the lady found her searching for that elusive needle. He told the lady to find the needle in the light and went away. The lady too accepted the suggestion and went out on the street to search the needle below the street light. Again a passerby asked the old lady what she was searching for. The lady said she was searching for her lost needle. The curious passerby asked where the needle had fallen. The lady said it fell in her hut. The passerby advised her to find the needle where it fell.

The story ends here abruptly.

A string of questions clouds, if we ponder over the moral of the story. Sometimes, I wonder we all are searching for this elusive needle. The needle may be in form of the shape we wish to give to our lives, our careers, our job, our relationships. Very few find their needle and those who find it cherish it. Others just keep on searching their needles, many a times, at wrong places.

Have your found your needle ? Ask yourself ?


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