Height of Opportunism…

I am not a habitual blogger, i must admit, for i do not write articles on all and sundry issues. Only things that stand out awakens the lazy author in me. For many a days i was thinking of writing, many a things happened in my personal and social life, but the urge to jot down and article did not arise in full. However, the happenings of last week made me write.

Politics it is said is the last resort of scoundrels. Sometimes, i thought that the proverb was overstated. But the incident that happened last week has forced me to reconsider my stand. Before i drag the article beyond limits let me come to the point.

As most of my friends know, I work in one central government ministry and we had organised a National Level Event in a city adjoining Mumbai. It was a three days event and everything was going smoothly (atleast by government standards! ).  The programme being a national exhibition, the Union Minister of our Ministry was supposed to attend it. As a protocol, it became necessary to invite the local Member of Parliament and other Dignitaries. Nobody thought it would be such a fuss then.

Some four five days before the event a team from my Office alongwith the co-organisers a national level association went to invite this particular Member of Parliament, who represent a rabble rousing political party. Let me admit, i fear for my life and limb, and moreover my government job will not permit me to name and shame this particular guy.

To our surprise, the MP was as furious as he could have been.  What he said and what he expected shows the mentality of our politicians who think that they are the masters, the rulers. The politician in no uncertain terms using all unparliamentary language under his command said that he rules that particular city and how could we organise an event without his permission. Morever, how could we invite a minister who was from a party different from his. He threatened to disrupt the entire event. He was more harsh on the local association who were our supporting organisation.

Somehow, after initial jolt, my boss somehow tried to recover and pacify this MP.  He gave some vague reference and tried to convince the MP that this Exhibition was in fact being conducted with his implicit permission. May be the MP was convinced or atleast his ego was somehow soothed. He got bit mild. May be he knew that this being a government event, he could have however not stopped it and somehow required and alibi to wriggle out. The soothing words of my boss provided him that escape route. He then ‘wholeheartedly permitted’ to conduct the programme and asked to organizers to declare that this event was being organised on request of this particular MP. 

The programme went ahead smoothly, on the Inauguration day, the Union Minister arrived, this particular MP was on the dias as the most honored guest and was felicitated by the Organizers for his magnanimity and his foresightedness he had shown in organising this particular event in the city for the first time. The MP too did not lose any opportunity to impress upon everyone including the Union Minister that he toiled very hard to organise the event. We, the organizers however knew what brew had transpired behind the scenes. The next day’s newspaper was full with special references to the efforts of this MP. Paid Media is this ?

The real organisers of this event was our department, which was chained in bureaucratic chains, we were meek and helpless spectators to witness how our event was been hijacked by petty politicians, even the co-organisers did not spare a chance to go to town shouting that the event was organised by them single handedly.  Politicians of all hues made beeline to somehow raise their hands and get counted in this event. Isn’t it a classic example of the saying, success has many fathers.?

Till the day, these elected representatives stop thinking that they are VIPs and that they are born to rule, democracy and people’s writ will surely not dominate our society. 


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One thought on “Height of Opportunism…”

  1. Well written Vijay. Truly I wish that our elected representatives stop thinking of themselves as rulers. They need to inculcate service mindedness. Our present PM Modi ji has started this in his Cabinet. I have heard even Shri Raj Thackeray has the same thoughts. Wish these strong leaders implement their thinking strictly. I have faith in Indian Democracy. Ultimately it will prevail, although in the short term these self styled kingpins rule the roost. Appreciate your bold article. Namaskaar and Pranaam

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