India’s Marie Antoinettes

Blame it on my upbringing that was saddled with my involvement in RSS Shakhas in the early part of my life. I have felt strongly about my country. Any patriotic person must feel so, its quite natural a feeling. It therefore pains to note two coincidental facts that unfortunately collides with each others. It exposes our country to a threat that two separate countries exist in our country and sadly enough they are unconcerned with each other.

Maharashtra has been facing a worse kind of drought in decades. The Marathwada region is very badly affected. People in Latur, Beed and other regions are worst hit by this drought. Not only in Maharashtra many other parts of India are facing water scarcity this summer. And it is believed that this problem will only aggravate in future.  Isn’t it a scary picture to note that Section 144 has been implemented in Latur so as to prevent common people from assembling together to demand water.  20 Litres of water per person per week!! For all his drinking, cooking and sanitation needs. No one can even imagine the situation of poor live stocks. The entire crops are gone, it’s a situation of human existence here. This is one India.

Contrast this to the glitz and glamour of Indian Premier League, the IPL, one NGO goes to court to ban IPL in Maharashtra for sheer wastage of water. Whether the water is potable or not is a separate question altogether. 70 Lakh litres of water would be wasted for rearing the grounds, to keep it green, to water the pitch. It pained to see the approach of the people associated with BCCI, the Rajiv Shuklas and the Cricketers like Atul Wasan, the Commentators like Charu Sharma trying to defend the indefensible. I being a cricket fan had good feelings for Charu Sharma, but, his Marie Antoinette styled comments in one TV show pained. Rajiv Shukla being an insensitive politician chided one TV reporter when she questioned about the water splurge. He said what are you doing here go to regions where there is no water. Sadly, these are the people who rule us. For them, the money that IPL bring in matters the most, it matters more than the lives of poor farmers.

Unfortunately, the state government is not keen to take a stand. Obviously, BCCI is governed by politicians and their cohorts. Mutual beneficiaries they are. These people feast on the fact that public memory is short. They know that their stadiums will get packed, their matches will be enjoyed on tv, the team fans will start bleeding in all colors, the Mumbai Indians in blue and what not. Absurd and rubbish all this is. IPL has well and truly become Indian Paisa League afterall.

Reminds me of one hilarious situation that happened in our Society itself. There resides one State Level Secretary General of a political party in our building.  Being a politician he always expects to be first among equals. So his persistence for invitation to hoist the flag and all. It was all tolerable till now. However, the water crises resulted in rationing of water in our district too, water supply is now only on four days. This gentlemen stays on the fourth floor and expects all his huge tanks to overflow. Now, since water supply is low, the ranged up our secretary and told his to lay a separate pipeline for him from the overhead tank of our society and provide him water.  The secretary being an old retired man got scared, he summoned up the meeting of our managing committee. It was a funny scene, nobody showed any guts and gumption to take on this gentleman. Our Chairman started planning to resign owing to this personal issues.

A small time politician of a political party which does not have any roots in Maharashtra can be so troublesome. What about big fishes out there. Somehow, the issue was resolved, the politician could not get his separate line though. Diplomacy prevailed. This man took out a rally in which many participated to spread the message of water conservation!!! Height of Hypocrisy and duplicity isn’t it?

Back to our main issue,

It’s very sad part that the rich and famous do not care much about those millions of people who are not that fortunate. These people exist in some other India and they abhor the others.  It not limited only to economics though.

The convent educated crowd, especially the younger generation, they do not reside in Bharat, for them its India, a westernized culture has so deeply imbibed in them that they find each and every tradition of ours as superstition. A country that loses its culture, its traditions, ultimately loses existence.

The divide between haves and have nots has now widened too much and it’s still widening. Here we find Ambanis residing in their Antalia and affording to pay Rs.70 Lakh as electricity bill per month, whereas we find in plenty poor kids who are forced to study in streetlights because their parents cannot afford that luxury.

Imagine, two kids growing up together, one of a rich person, second of a poor person. Both of them have aspirations, both wish to enjoy life in entirety, one can afford to buy the luxuries, the other has to just satiate by seeing other enjoying it. Till how long will the other long for? A time will come when the will try to snatch it away.  This is happening in our country in a very big way. You don’t need terrorists or Naxalites to disintegrate your country. This class divide will eventually prove fatal, if urgent, conscious and sincere steps are not taken to rein it.

India will remain India if two Indias unite. If the haves show a little bit of humanity towards the have nots India will become a much much better place to live. Merely visiting some poor families and distributing your old clothes and sharing it on social media will give your cheap publicity. It will not cause real change. Efforts needs to be taken to educate and employ gainfully the people who are in need.

Remember, Charu Sharma and the gangs of IPL, who are greedily looking at the money that will flow like water in the IPL, Marie Antoinette was eventually beheaded in the French Revolution.


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