Truth about Kashmir

I was stunned, stunned by my ignorance of facts. I did not know reality about Kashmir, its history and events pre dating history.

Shri Sushil Pandit, a visible face on electronic media and a representative of Kashmir Pandits fighting for their legitimate rights, which the establishment has been denying, elaborates in the most prolific manner, some facts about Kashmir. His facts negates the semi literate and illiterate seperatists and their supporters from other part of India especially the leftists who deny Kashmir being the part of India ever.

The video is big enough, but, if you are a patriot Indian or atleast an inquisitive one you need to watch it, including the Q&A part of it. Please do share this video and make it viral. We have been sharing stupid and nonsensical things, let’s share something relevant today.

The video is available on YouTube. To view the video click here


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