About Me


Welcome friends, I am happy to see you on my website… Obviously, this being a personal space, will speak a bit about me.

I believe, every person is multi-dimensional, we may have been in touch with only one particular aspect of that person’s life and hastily rush to draw conclusions about that person. But, that may not be always correct. Judge a person, without bias and you find many more unexplored traits. This site perhaps, is a miniscule attempt to present before the world who real Vijay is.. for, some think i am a stereotyped government employee, some think i am into some social cause, some think i am a computer buff, a blogger etc etc.. I am all bundled into one.

So here I am Vijay, Born on 14th of January 1975, a resident of Dombivli which is near Mumbai in India. Am a Commerce Graduate. I have done a courses in Computer. I have a very small family. My mother, My Wife and our son.

For me life was never an easy ride. It never is for anybody anyways. Patience however, has paid a good dividend for me. Many people who know me from close know how patient I am. I can wait endlessly for thing to happen. The last few years have been however, been smooth sailing for me. I hope that life bestow upon me same kind of good luck for years to come.

What I do
I am not stereotyped one. I hate being cramped up in one image set and hence always try to do different things. I dont mind being called as ‘Master of None’ but certainly I am a ‘Jack of all Trades’. I firmly believe that in this competitive world jack of all trades adapt and survive faster. Now not to stretch too much. For my living I work in a Central Government Organisation in IT Field, I am a free lance web designer and design websites for my clients, for my creative satisfaction. Thirdly and most importantly, I like to work for social causes and am engaged in some social issues like women empowerment. Through this activity i have cherished my dream of connecting with the people. I am an avid blogger and have written articles which have been acclaimed by many.

Demystifying Vijay

Born :  14th Jan 1975
Schooling :  St Xaviers High School, Bhandup, Mumbai
Education :  Graduation from Commerce Stream, Computer Courses
Works :  In a Central Government Department in Information Technology Wing in Mumbai
Other Activities :  Engaged in Social Activities for a noble cause.
Hobbies :  Writing, Blogging, Travelling & Trekking
In habit of :  Staying Updated in current affairs, politics, IT & Technology
Pros :  Patience, Sincerity & Hardwork
Cons :  Consistency Factor
Weakness :  My Kid, My Mother
Favorite Food :  Spicy Vegetarian Food.

Words i like…
There comes a time in your life when you don’t care what people think about you…
coz.. deep down, you are sure of what you are..

What i like...
i like to build bridges, than to construct walls..

Reach me :

web : http://vijayjoshi.in

email : vijaynjoshi@gmail.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/vijaynjoshi

Twitter : www.twitter.com/vijaynjoshi