26/11/2008 till now – Do we ever learn Lesson

Looking back at the horrific events of 26/11/2008, i still question myself about what changes we underwent the last year, did we, the government, our police force, our bureaucracy our media and our civil society remain the same after some days of jingoistic euphoria and public outcry. No doubt the silent candle march we witnessed immediately after 26/11/2008, signaled that things would not remain the same ever after. But did they change either? I guess we have moved a full round circle, but since it took 365 days for travel, we never realized that it was a circle and we are again on the same place where we were a year ago.

All the players have remained the same, displaying same kind of lethargy they used to showcase earlier. Let’s see what all things happened during this period of one year. Let’s begin with our Government.

All thought that now the Government would act swiftly, it would take stern action, what happened, few Ministers were shown door. The biggest joke the Government played was the Home Minister of Maharashtra was again given red carpet entry in the same capacity even before one year passed, was that some kind of evil joke the government played with us all ?  I guess the public memory is not that weak either. In the name of strengthening coastal security, what have we achieved in the last one year? pretty little? the marine police dont have fast boats to police the high seas. The intelligence gathering machinery have to depend on US inputs for all the intelligence, the Central Government is leaning on US for pressurizing Pakistan for action. Pakistan is playing hide and seek with the evidence and those behind the heinous crime.

The State Government was promised the elite NSG Commando Force, just imagine where the elite force is stationed, in a chronically traffic jam infested area at Marol, suppose any untoward incident re-occurs the poor commandos will take as much time to reach the spot as they took to reach from Delhi. The State Government is dilly dallying to provide basic infrastructure to this elite force, their response was formation of Force One, and on the day of the induction of Force One Commandos four of the Commandos fainted because they could not stand for much duration in the heat. What a pity. The investigation of the entire sequence of event is taking time, the bulletproof jacket of Late Shri Hemant Karkare, Head, Anti Terrorism Squad is deliberately lost to shield the people who purchased the faulty material. The then Commissioner is now crying hoarse that his juniors were not listening him. Everything seems to be a big chaotic circus,  the irony though is that we the common people are being taken for ride. The Media too, especially the visual ones, dont fare much in this picture, what was their role, the kind of mad rush for TRP was all seen after the event, all are trying to cash in the occasion.

The Civilians are also at fault, just because our attitude is of ‘Chalta hai’ after some days of hurt, we tend to forget and go back to routine, we have forgotten to question the wrong. We tend to look the other way just because we dont wish to get into the ‘matter’. We have elected the same band of politicos who ruled then and now wish they will fare better. Wishful thinking isn’t it??

I am reminded of my boss, once he gave me a task, which we both knew was not going to materialize, i foolishly told my boss why are we working on the job when we both know that it was going to fail, he said, my boy even i know it wont work, but the people for whom we are working must feel that we are doing something for them. Even our Government is doing same with us. Isn’t it?