Death the ultimate reality…

In my preceding article, i had spoken of being (or being not inevitable), perhaps as an afterthought, or as a rejoinder, the only thing that is inevitable is Death. Isnt it?

The first death that i faced of my near and dear one was unfortunately of my dad. The whole world had collapsed then… It was my first journey to the graveyard.

That shock matured me overnight. After that i attended many a funerals, somehow, the graveyard resembles staticness, definitiveness and stark reality. When you go there and return back a sense of gloom which is often called as smashan vairagya engulfs you. You find your being very momentary. Why are we so greedy, so mean, so hungry for worldly pleasures when we all have to pass to the same route? Why cant we do something so good in life, that our deeds make us immortal?

One disgusting thing that i find is that even at graveyard people tend to behave as if they are never going to die. Only a couple of near and dear ones seems to be affected by the death. The others just accompany them. Some are busy discussing their office stories, for some it is a cheap pr exercise, some keep on looking at their watches, as they have disturbed their schedules by this uncalled for attendance in graveyard. And the poorest thing, the dead lie on a block, just like a dead.. Only some stupid rituals are in between the dead body and his final eternal journey to infinity.

When a body burns, how does one feel, especially the near and dear ones.. i have witnessed it.. a body a person whom you love so dearly burns like dry grass and turns to just a handful of ash.

Is Life so incomplete, that the death completes its journey, think over it. We all get only one chance to live, let’s live it in such a way that you’ll be remembered forever, this perhaps is the only way of beating death. Didn’t Gandhi become immortal even after six decades of his physical death??