The ‘Political’ Experience

Politics and myself were two very different individualities which till recently never crossed ways. I never hoped it to cross ways in near future either. But all of a sudden everything changed. One of my friend involved in politics requested me to meet a City President of his party for some web designing project. That was my first brush with politics. I met that person, rather unwillingly. The guy, the so called city president has created such a pomp around himself, as if he was the President of the whole nation. He was always surrounded by his cronies who would run errands for him. We were made to wait for sometime as others were in meeting with him. I gave some very uncomfortable looks which my friend noted easily, actually, I had been there for this city president’s work, but he made me wait like I was there to seek his assistance. The wait for around 15 minutes was very tiresome one and was on verge of humiliation. As our ‘number’ came, we entered into his den. Yes den, I dare to say, coz here was a guy sitting like a lion and all others bending their backs so much as if they had no spine. I had no reasons to enact their acts as I was neither a party worker nor had any favors to seek from this man. After introductions, the guy told me he wanted a site for his party’s city unit. He, I bet might not have cleared his SSC, and IT, internet etc were very very far away topics for this gentleman. Just because someone told him, he, it seemed wanted one site. I gave him a brief idea about the probable website, he had no option but to accept it, as he was short on it. He ordered his people to give me photos and video cds of various programmes he had conducted. I came back from the meeting totally perplexed not knowing where to begin from. I had three days before launch of this website, the contents provided to me were as good as zero. And after three days the top leaders from state were going to launch this website. Challenge was it was. I took it head on. Completed the site, the pages from where the party was supposed to give data were shown as ‘under construction’, rest all things were completed perfectly. Then on that Sunday a glittering programme was conducted, I never expected that so much hype would be created for such a small 8 paged site. I was treated as if I was a VIP and I had done something exemplary. The site was launched at the hands of one of the top most leaders known throughout the country. I was felicitated at his hands, bouquets, photo ops etc. such a big show it was. The media was appropriately managed, next day all the top vernacular newspapers were full with news of this web launch. And I always believed that our media was unbiased and uncorrupt.
Around six months have passed since then, the pages are still ‘under construction’ no one cares to look at that site, perhaps its shelf value expired after the launch programme and media coverage and it required no attention now. I still question my decision why I did the work in the first place, for it hurts to see the site, my creation, die like this.

This experience has further deepened the hatred that I always bored about politics and politicians. These are the very people who are ruining our whole society and should be cleared from our polity. I wonder and feel very pity for the poor people who run behind these people for their petty works to get done, their cronies who are always there with them with smiling face are the people who sometimes wonder me, I compare them with wolves and vultures that survive on the leftovers. Lie and Fib are routine when you mingle with them and the conspiracy theories are abound almost everytime. Each one of these people show as if they are privy to the most hard kept secrets of the party and show as if they are the perfect analyst of political situations. Pity poor people, trying to survive in this hard world of politics.