My Experiments with Truth… (Not Gandhiji’s…)

I had inherited the tradition of selfless work from my father, who was a benevolent person and continues to be my hero all the way through. I was pushed into a group, which I am unable to fathom whether it was by design or by an accident. A friend of mine requested me to design a yahoo group for their friend’s new group. Soon I found myself to be a part of it and amidst centre of controversy.

The group was meant to be a group working in social sector, with all pomp people of various shades and hues joined. Not all joined for pure social work though. The whole process for the last three years was worth cherishing and I evolved a more measured a more mature person.

In the initial days of that group joined in a ‘founder member’, a Professor, and what a person he was. Maybe he had very little patience and he very fast changed his colors and his greed for crucial posts in the organization was visible all over. When I and my friends raised fingers at him, he hacked the group’s email id and sent malicious mails to all the group members. That was the most crucial phase of our group and we stood together to boot the Professor out of the group. Sanity prevailed, we went ahead.

Then came a Social Worker, whose motto was ‘attack’, he through his oral prowess did try to spell bound everyone, but one could see him through his skin. Soon his fib was exposed and the poor fella ended up being nowhere. All the way through, down these three years, I had seen that the one who blows whistle ends up with all the mud on his face. I was being targeted by the ‘Professor’, the ‘Social Worker’ and other pedigrees, but following my hero’s footstep, I cared a hoot for such mortals. Once you are sure of what you are, once you know the direction, do we really care for anything??

Then came an ‘aggressive’ self proclaimed Leader. The one who would rubbish all the decisions taken together and try to dominate all and one, one who played cunning behind the scenes games, to create lobbies and ventured to create a parallel power centre around himself. Such was his initial influence that all were spell bound. But soon all realized the person was working for his own image build up, and really bothered a bit about others. Poor guy he, had no other way but to opt out and he found it difficult to squeeze himself in.

Then along with this self proclaimed leader came an unique person with stiff mechanical type of mindset, a born bureaucratic mentality, such was his persona that one could hardly find him smiling. Perhaps he never read the word “Trust”. Sorry guy that he was, found no place for himself. Criticism was his middle name and one never saw him appreciating anyone, this egoistic and a bit confused man was naturally shown the door.

Then the shocker… Our own person, a nice guy, a cool headed (now we realized it was empty one), changed his colors, blind trust he calls, he changed so swiftly after his marriage, his dominant crooked and evil minded wife destroyed the person altogether. This poor pathless guy wavered and lost his equilibrium, just to quit himself voluntarily.

Down the line three sets of people joined and left – Havshya, Navshya, Gavshya. Havshya – the one joined out of curiousity, Navashya – the one who had clear vision, ideals and goal, Gavashya – the one of the kind of people listed above. The first kind of people remained good followers, some faithful ones, some fence sitters, the second kind were the once who kept the movement going on even after suffering many setbacks. The third kind of people, unfortunately, we met quite a few, were the crooked, they either joined for money, for fame or for posts. These crooks were naturally kicked out.

One another thing that I learnt from the group and that made me evolve even stronger one. Prior to this group, I lacked self conviction, self confidence. Confidence to express myself, confidence to challenge the wrong. I had definite sets of ideas in my mind, but not the platform to execute it. I had a direction in my mind, but lacked the confidence. But thanks to my friends listed above, they made me stronger.

Many a years ago, I had read few lines in a commercial ads – There comes a time in your life, when you don’t care what others say, for deep down, you are sure of what you are… Everytime these dirty people poked fingers on me, I knew with all kind of certainty that four fingers were pointed back at them, once I had the conviction of courage and the belief that I was not wrong, I had no reason to panic or to change even a degree, for deep down I knew that I was right and my point would be vindicated sooner or later. The matter is only of time.